Oh the agony...


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Hi everyone, first timer here so here I go!

I’m 19 years old and have had one pilonidal cyst before, it was painful but bearable, and after going to the doctors she simply sent me home with some antibiotics and said if it got worse to come back. It simply went away without me even taking the antibiotics!

It returned with a vengeance 4 days ago. Started off as normal, just a bit achey, but 2 days ago got to the point where I could not sleep, sit, stand, exist really. I was constantly screaming and crying, nurofen was doing nothing. So my Mum took me to the ER.

Without even looking at it, they whisked me away to a bed and got me a hospital gown. They said they were going to hook me up to a drip (I have chronic agoraphobia so all of this was already hard enough...but I also have a needle phobia!). I started panicking and the gorgeous nurse was so lovely. She went and got me 2 panadeine forte, however they did not help with the pain, just spaced me out a bit. After hooking me up to the IV and taking some blood then putting in some antibiotics, I was just on fluids. I was so hungry and thirsty but I wasn’t allowed to eat until I saw the surgeon, who was running 3 hours late!!

A doctor came in and did a rectal exam (finger up the bum...joy of joys) and said that it was time to lance it, so they got all the anaesthetic needles prepared. I had a bad feeling in my stomach.

The second she even touched my skin with it, I nearly blacked out. I was screaming so much that I was gagging, I couldn’t breathe, the pain was absolutely blinding. All I knew was survival, and in this case, apparently screaming was saving me. A nurse ran in with a cylinder of laughing gas, but all it did was make me cry more and more. The pain was beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.

After what felt like a decade, it was finally over. They left the wound open and the (unfortunately, very attractive) nurse was packing it. It was agonising, but nothing compared to those needles. He then showed me what came out of it (cue head hitting the pillow and having to refrain from vomiting)...milky, greeny, browny pus, and a lot of it. One more hellish ordeal, the removal of the IV, and I was good to go home.

They prescribed me panadeine forte, and I’ve already taken 10 tablets in 1 and a half days. It doesn’t even take all of the pain away. I was scared to have it packed again, and I was right to be...today Mum changed my packing, and although nothing in this world will ever be as bad as my encounter at the hospital, it was still pretty awful...I’m in so much pain again and leaking pus all over my bed. I do not want to get this done again, it’s so sensitive and sore. (I am on 4 capsules of Cephalexin daily to fight infection...already getting thrush!! What’s another agonising thing to add...)

My body is so tense I can’t stop sweating and clenching, and sleeping is becoming a problem again. I have just started Lexapro (antidepressant) and sleep is vital especially now, I really need it...I have sleeping tablets and codeine and even though they make me nod off, I’m always awake at 4:30 again writhing around...any positive stories out there of fast healing and no reoccurrences? Any recommendations on getting through this hell?
Wow, I am very sorry you had to deal with this, I didn't experiance anything like that when I had mine removed.

Maybe a gist of my story will help you, I got the surgery on December 14th, open wound 7cm deep, 7cm long and 4.8cm wide. So fair sized, thankfully I have a high pain tolerance, not once from the day of surgery to now had I had any pain. They gave me T3's and I haven't had to touch them. I had the bandage and packing changed twice a day for the first few weeks, then it went down to once a day. Now I change the bandage once a day but I am done with the packing and have been for awhile now.

It's been about 61 days, so basically 2 months and the wound has almost no depth and I have all new fresh skin. It is just very tender and fragile.(doesn't hurt). It hasn't healed over fully but it is getting there. The nurses and doctor said I am healing quickly because I am in good health and fit, plus I am generally a stress free person (Stress can apparently decrease healing speeds up to %35). The lack of pain is also helping my situation. While I am still dealing with this I did start going back to Karate class and have had no issues. The ONLY problem I have is sometimes if I go to the bathroom for a second time in the day and sit something splits and I bleed all over the place. I had it happen three times, twice at home and once at work(fun times). I am back to full duties at work, so I am able to climb telephone poles once again.

As far as what helped me, a seaweed made bandage helped a lot with leaking, tape was an issue for me so we found some stretchy soft tape that makes it easier to come off and I stopped getting bumps from them. Sitting, there are cushions you can get, I personally didn't bother but some swear by them so they can sit. I didn't really have any issues with sitting. Sleeping, basically I sleep on my stomach or side. I didn't take any pills aside from the antibiotics that they gave me, I would wager you really need to find something that will be easy on your system while curbing the pain I just don't know what type of pills to recommend you. I am more of a natural healer type person if I am able.

Lastly, this place did help. There are a few horror stories that really got to me at first but as I talked to others I started to feel better. If you just need to vent then do that, it helped me. I made a thread that a few people commented on but just getting the words out there helped me feel better mentally.


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I'm in such a similar situation as you that I feel your story is about to be mine. First off, I've never joined a "support alliance" for anything in my life, not even when my Father passed away. But for this, the only thing that brings any sort of comfort is knowing that others have been through this. Both my aunt and mother have had Pilonidal Cysts, so unfortunately for me - it's hereditary.

I'm currently sitting in my office, on a heating pad, on a specialized pillow downing ibuprofen and water whenever I feel even the slightest pinch. I finally realized enough is enough when I couldn't get out of my bed last night to use the restroom. Almost peeing on yourself at age 24 is a no-go. It.hurts.that.bad.

With a posse of my mother and boyfriend, I'm sure to get the medication and attention I need to make this thing stop hurting at the ER. I'm seriously nervous with lancing and draining. I can't even run a Q-Tip over the bump without wincing. I'm such a baby.

Knowing sweet relief is coming, I have to suit up and fight the battle of pain. How are you doing now, almost 10 days after?