One and Done?

Is it possible to have a pilonidal flare up/infection only once and done? From my research, it seems VERY common that is happens over and over. However, I have talked to four friends (of all ages/genders) who have said they have only had it once and it never happened again. All they had was they had their cyst lanced and drained. My dad had it once in his twenties where it was operated on and stitched up. My church grandpa (not related) had it once in his twenties. My co-worker had it when she was 18 and had it lanced and drained. They never had a re-occurrence. Is this more common than stated on the board? For instance I know that pregnant woman can get it. Do they usually only get it once and then done?

I am a 26, average hairy female,very active, average weight.
I had a very tiny one that opened and my color rectal doctor (one of the best in the Washington DC area) made it bigger to drain. He did not pack it with gauze as it was too small (maybe half an inch?) . I had a follow-up appointment a week later and he put hydrogen peroxide on it to keep it open to drain. I saw him two weeks after that appointment and he said it has closed completely. However, I still feel a very small noudle ( a slight tender to the touch) underneath my scar so I am not sure if it finished draining, but not too worried if it has to be opened again to finish draining. Also, every now and then I feel a short sting/ping in that area. Part of it could be that I am a certified hypochondriac so if I feel anything abnormal down there now, I freak or it could be the muscle and tissue repairing itself as I have been very careful of how I sit/lay in bed/using a bottom cushion, which I am not using so much anymore. I also have been told not to do anymore sit-ups which I can live with. Anyway I have a follow-up in two weeks upon my request (not my doctors haha).
I am just trying to learn more so any insight would be lovely.:)
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