Open Excision Surgery Updates


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Hello! I'm 20yo from the UK and had my open excision surgery yesterday. I wanted to write a post with daily updates to really inform people what it's like. I think there are a lot of horror stories on here but I'm hoping mine will be a positive one!

I came out of surgery lying on my back at 3pm, very sleepy as I was waking up from the anaesthetic. I couldn't feel a thing even though I was lyin directly on it. I was in and out of sleep until about 9pm, very tired. I was very dizzy standing and walking but I think this was just the anaesthetic. My wound dressing was a lot smaller than I had expected, it didn't rise above the top of the midline. I'm currently unsure about how big the wound is as I didn't see my surgeon afterwards unfortunately! Also as it was a Saturday op and the GP doesn't open on a Sunday I won't get my wound dressing changed until tomorrow! I'll ask the nurse then how big the wound is.

I woke up a bit sore but not in pain and took so co-codamol painkillers, there's just a sort of dull ache and I'm no longer directly sitting on it. I'm walking around a lot better but still sleeping most of the day! I've been going to the toilet fine, my wound seems to be fine although I think there is a slight clear fluid leaking a bit but I have some gauze to put under that.

I haven't eaten much post surgery but am trying to eat more, as well as taking zinc and vitamin C tablets.

24 hours and I'm doing good!


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Yesterday evening I felt quite sore, partly my own fault as I hadn't taken any painkillers - I've learnt my lesson though! Had a bad nights sleep but woke up not in any pain and walking around all good!

Took some painkillers when I woke up and went for my first dressing change and repackaging which I was nervous about. It was all good though, the nurse was very nice and gentle and it honestly didn't hurt, it stung a little bit when she put the packing in but overall pretty much pain free! My wound isn't as big as I thought about 4cm deep and 3cm long.

The nurse said the wound looked fine and I'm doing good!