Over 10 years later. anyone have something like this happen?


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so about 12 or 13 years ago i had a fairly extensive excision for multiple pits. Details are foggy since i was so young, but it took about 2 months or so to heal and i’ve been completely fine since then. Haven’t even thought about it since that time period, until 2 weeks ago.

Right after thanksgiving i went to scratch my lower back/tailbone area and felt something sticky. Went to the bathroom and saw i had dried blood on the area, and horrifyingly a small open wound on the midline. I had no pain and cleaned/shaved it thoroughly and have been cleaning the area and applying gauze/tea tree several times daily.

Miraculously that wound has closed up and healed over. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything under the skin is healed, but i certainly didn’t have anything heal like this when i was younger.

Now what has me worrying even more is i noticed two very small holes off of the midline closer to just being on my but cheek. Nothing has ever drained from them, no itching, no pain, no smell, nothing.

One is on a scar from the stitches i had during my initial surgery and one is the size of a pin head above that hole almost unnoticeable unless in the right light at the right angle. They don’t look fresh by any means, but i’m not sure how i wouldn’t have noticed them in the past. Granted i haven’t taken a good look back there in several years.

I don’t have any health insurance at the moment as I just started freelancing recently. So i can’t go get anything confirmed.

What can I do in the meantime, and should i be fearing the worst? Located in Los Angeles.

Thank you.


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Honestly, it sounds like it's back. I would personally get it confirmed to make sure nothing else is happening. However, you can live with it without surgery assuming it doesn't reach a critical stage. I dealt with mine swelling up / draining / pain for over a year before I did anything about it. It didn't seem to ever get infected though, which is what can require immediate action of some kind.