Pain almost 4 months after lift surgery


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Hi everyone. I'll explain my story as quickly as I can.
In January 2017 I have my cyst lanced for the third time and have had permanent pain since it healed. It was an intensely traumatic experience and then healed with pain that never went away.
November 2017 I had my first surgery, a wide excision left open. The pain was still present once I was healed. The surgeon would hardly listen when I told him.
Then around October 2019 it came back. I chose a different surgeon, a colorectal surgeon and he did my lift surgery in December. It healed nicely but I'm still left with the pain.
Now it's been almost 4 months and, of course, still pain.
I feel so lost and alone. Literally no one else has mentioned that they have pain that never goes away. No Dr will listen really and my insurance sucks so my options are limited.
I don't even know what crying and complaining on here is going to do but maybe someone can help. Why would I still have this pain? So much has already been ruined in my life from this. I had a son last year and I failed at breastfeeding because I couldn't sit long enough for him to eat. Last year was the second holiday season that was ruined from surgery recovery. I just want it to go away so bad but doctors just really don't care in my experience. I haven't really even been able to get someone to listen to my problem and then they all basically tell me "too bad"
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Hi Elaine,

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with this. I had an open excision surgery two years ago and this month the wound opened back up so I went back to the Dr today. I understand your pain, you're not alone.


Hi Elaine, I too continue to have pain after a cleft lift in October. Mine has been much lately though so hang in there! I try and stand as much as possible throughout the day and it makes sitting when I need/want to much more comfortable. I really do think I’m starting to turn a corner 6 months in and I hope you will too!


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For some it can take a solid year or so before you feel back to normal after cleft lift surgery. Everyone has different pain tolerances too so just hang in there. It does get better.