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Dr. referred us to Riley for surgery -- we will see how it goes. She was concerned since it hadn't healed yet, so she prescribed an antibiotic until we get in to see someone at Riley. She doesn't really know that much about pilonidal cysts -- the NP actually knows more than her because the NP likes the wound stuff -- Dr. Lily is too sweet and nice and gentle and doesn't like to hurt anyone. Butt, we keep on packing until then -- woohoo :cheer: -- this is too much fun;)
Well, if you aren't sure about the surgeon, keep looking. It amazes me how little they seem to know or how they all have different views on how to treat. The appt next week will be our fourth surgeon, I am praying that he is our guy! Also, I am sure you have been reading a lot on this site but it has been a total lifesaver for me. The info on the different surgeries and treatments and opinions have really taught me so much. Keep me updated and I hope you guys are doing alright! It WILL get better!! :)
Won't know surgeon until referral is set-up -- calling today to see what is up with that. Yes, this site is a lifesaver and changer -- will be well prepared to grill the surgeon on what to do and their experience. fun, fun, fun !!!
Prayers and blessings for your son's visit and would definitely want to know how it went and if he does pit picking. Is community north part of IU health?
Hello! We saw Dr Baughman and have a cleft lift surgery scheduled in a couple of weeks! We really liked him a lot, he is extremely knowledgeable, he took a lot of time explaining surgery, very friendly and funny too. He said they do not do pit picking because he thinks its a waste of time and it does not keep the cysts from coming back. I was very happy with our visit and I think we are on the road to getting this #$*&(!! thing fixed!
AWESOME !!! Glad it went well !! We have surgical consult this tuesday and will definitely let you know what goes on. It is with Dr. Debra Billmire, Riley Surgery, and from what I can find out she is more of a plastic surgeon, a little gruff, but knows her stuff. We will see what she recommends -- agree that the cleft lift would be the best option. Please keep us posted!! Agreed on getting this #$*&(@# thing fixed!!
Hey, just wondering how you guys are doing? How was Riley?
Sorry for not posting. Dr. Billmire said Rebecca's open wound was healing nicely and that I was doing an awesome job taking care of it. Since it is her first go around and it was healing so well, she didn't feel that surgery was necessary at this point and that whatever she would do could possibly cause more harm than good. Told us to keep an eye on things and if it gets to be chronic that then we might consider surgery. It was nice to be told I was doing a good job and was relieved there is no surgery in the immediate future. Going to work towards total healing and preventative measures. I am hopeful, yet skeptical -- there are some pits and that is concerning. But, no infection anywhere at the moment - hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.

Surgery for your son should be soon? Will keep you both in our prayers !!
Oh, I am so glad it is healing up. That is about the best news you can get! You ARE doing a good job or she wouldnt be healing at all, that is really awesome! Thanks for the update, I was a little worried that you got some bad news or something. Joseph's surgery is a week from Wednesday so we are just counting down the days. He is really looking forward to getting it over with and so am I. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes, we are praying for you two too!!
nope -- just spaced posting -- appt was @ 2:40, so after 90 min drive home, I was done. Praying for a successful surgery for Joseph!! Poor guy, he needs a break !!
Hello! My son had the cleft lift two weeks ago and is doing fantastic. He is not on any pain meds, he is walking and showering just fine. Still gingerly sitting but he is healing up without any problems. Dr Baughman is a wonderful surgeon and I would recommend him to anybody with this problem. I may be posting too soon but I really think this is the solution!! Best wishes to you all!!!
AWESOME !!!! WOOHOO !!! I have been thinking about you and Joseph and wondering what was going on. This is wonderful news !! Happy Dance !!
Rebecca is healed and is doing fine with preventative measures. We are keeping our fingers crossed, but if she has issues again at least we have another surgeon in our arsenal. Please keep updating !!