Pilo sufferer for 20 years


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After dealing with this dreadful disease for around 20 years (I am now 44) and after much research on the subject I have finally reached my breaking point and have committed to undergoing the GIPS procedure. I am scheduled for next week with Dr. Aaron Lipskar. It's been a very long journey to finally commit to doing it. I have read all the horror stories of the open and closed excision surgeries. I researched and met with Dr. Lipskar and am convinced this is the way to go. I now am truly looking forward to not having to manage the outbreaks from this disease as you would all know about. It is truly a terrible and painful condition. Good luck to everyone and I will keep everybody posted about the proced
Oh man..... 20 years, ill be praying for you, noone but you knows how this has affected your life and i pray with each day it improves. Please keep us all informed.
Thank you so much for the prayers. I am looking forward to this being over once and for all. I will keep everyone posted about the procedure and recovery.
Wow, couldn't imagine having to go through it for that long. My son was so depressed and traumatized after just two years. Best of luck to you!!!
Update: Had the GIPS procedure with Dr. Lipskar on Friday February 15th. I am very happy with the results. The area is still black and blue and somewhat sore, but its healing very nicely. It's only draining a little bit now and I am getting more and more comfortable sitting and moving around. I am so glad I got it done. Dr. Lipskar is an excellent and caring doctor. I am looking forward to being pilo free for the first time.