Pilonidal cyst or broken tailbone?


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Last March I fell down on my butt on an icy road and I hurt my tailbone and it hurt during whole spring and summer. In July it was MRI'ed and they found a tailbone fracture. I still can't sit properly or lay on my back and the tailbone is swollen and it hurts a lot. I've got cortisone shots in the fractured area and strong painkillers and they haven't helped and I'm still constantly in pain.

About 2 months ago my doctor found the pilonidal cyst near my tailbone. The pilonidal can be seen on the MRI. The skin looks fine and it doesn't have any signs of inflammation. Could the pilonidal cyst still have symptoms even if the skin looks fine? Could the falling that happened last March have activated this "sleeping" cyst I didn't even know about?

Thank you in advance!



Can the existing pilonidal cyst interfere the healing of tailbone fracture?
It shouldn't.

The reason mine formed were because I fell down some stairs a few times, bruised the area bad then had horrible friction from driving all day everyday because of my job. My body healed fine and my tail bone was no longer bruised but then I had 4 cysts as the end result. I would imagine your tail bone should heal fine, just clean the area every single day to avoid infection which could cause it to heal slower. I am no expert by any means, just my guess based on my experience but I never had a fractured tail bone, just horribly bruised multiple times.