Pilonidal Recovery So Far

Well , it’s the day after my sons cyst and cleft lift surgery with Dr. Immerman. First let me say that he is a wonderful man and skilled surgeon. We flew from PA out to WI to have this done. We are staying at the Staybridge Suites which is a very nice place and will remain here until Dr. takes out the drain. The surgery was about an hour and half but between the initial appt prior to with Dr. Immerman and the recovery afterward it was pretty much an all day affair. The Dr.’s and the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital were outstanding! They explained everything they were doing start to finish. My boy never had an IV ... lol so he was scared of that but they made the process pleasant. After the surgery Dr. Immerman came out and spoke with us, he said there was more going on underneath and that if we let it go my son would really have had issues in the future. He placed a drain in which has to stay in place for 5-7 days. Also my son has to take two antibiotics for that interim as well. So far he said he doesn’t have pain per say, just uncomfortable with the drain. Dr. Immerman uses a time released type of lidocaine in the area to help with pain.
I’ll be doing a bandage change shortly, so I will get to see the area for the first time. I’ll keep posting updates to help with those who are looking to get this done.
Day 3- My son is doing good, the long acting anesthetic that the Dr. gave him on Friday wore off so he is a bit more uncomfortable. Yesterday was worse then today... As long as we keep up on the Tylenol we are good. He’s sitting pretty good but not for long periods of time yet. I do hope that improves as we are flying home on Friday and we will have a long day. So far so good...