Pilonidal sinus.....and hidradenitis suppurativa

I have pilonidal disease but have recently also been diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa. For people who don’t know what this is, it is when you develop abscesses in areas such as underarm, groin and mammaries. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has both these conditions as they seem few and far between. Reading up on the subject, there is something called the acne tetrad which also now includes pilonida sinus. There is a link between HS and PD. I think more research needs to be done on this subject. In the meantime, I have to deal with not one but two conditions. Help!
I have just joined here today because my pilonidal sinus has started again after 5 operations. I also have h.s. I got the pilonidal first at age 15, then h.s started when I was in my 20's but didn't become bad until I hit 28 and just had my daughter. I have had both arms pits operated on with skin grafts and now just live with the other bits. As far as I'm aware they arnt linked but if your prone to cysts and boils your likely to get it all. I also had 2 cysts on ear lobe removed and have a few other cysts around the body.