Pilonidal Sinus - Fully healed still some pain

Blue Gamer

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I had my operation back in November 2017 and It was an open wound. I was told it will take a while for me to heal and it was a horrible experience.
Every few days I was in the nurses office having my dressings changed and It felt really embarrassing.

So after all this time I am fully healed however I am still having some pain from the area, I am unable to sit normally. If I sit normally the area gets numb and I start feeling some pain. Even if I was to touch the area it would hurt real bad.

The surgeon said my wound was pretty deep no exact measurements.

I am taking good care of the area, I remove the hair when required.

Has this happened to anyone


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Yes, this happened to me. I was told it is part of the healing process. As long as it’s not leaking blood/pus, you should be fine.


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Yup I have pain if I sit too long normally the day afterwards. I’ve been told to take ibuprofen and try to ignore it.