Pilonidal Sinus Operation Tomorrow!! Very Nervous

Blue Gamer

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Hi All,

Tomorrow is my first pilonidal operation, I have a pilonidal sinus.

I went to my GP complaining of discharge and once he had a look over I was diagnosed with a pilonidal sinus.

I was told the only way to have this removed is through surgery, ever since then I have been very nervous and scared

So now my operation date is just a few hours away.. :eek:

The surgeon said it will be an open wound.

I keep asking myself this question;

Will i wake up after surgery?

Any help is very much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Susan Stanford

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Yes, you will wake up after surgery:) Will you have a nurse come to your home to care for the open wound? After surgery: rest, drink plenty of water, and eat good nutritious food. Extra vitamin C and a good multivitamin helps. But mainly focus on eating good healthy food - meats, fruits and vegetables, whole grains.
I wish you the best in your surgery and for a quick recovery!

Blue Gamer

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The op went well. Just resting now can't do much really. I have a follow up appointment soon with my GP. I am having a throbing pain coming from the area.

Have you had your op?