Pilonidal wound not healing......

Hello there,

It is very unfortunate i had to come to this website. I have been following up with the forums here related to pilonidal sinus surgery for around 10 months now.

I had a closed excision pilonidal surgery in May 2016, this was really my first time. The surgeon assured me that the wound will fully heal up in less than 4 months. Guess what now its 10 months, and my wound keeps opening up from the bottom (1 inch), i have shown to 2 different surgeons here in Canada yet they say samething it will close dont worry, but it doesnt like to stay shut for more than 2-3 days even if it is healed.

My nurse uses aquacel dressing and the wound heals up in a time frame of 1 month. It stays shut for 2 days and opens up again. I have been dealing with this wound openings from last September 2016. It really feels like as if i cant ever sit on my butt ever again, because whenever i sit after its healed, it opens up again. I am just too stressed out and tired with this problem.

I have also been using coccyx care cushion, which i feel is not really helping much, do you guys think GSeat Ultra would be a better choice? if not what kind of cushion do you recommend for prolong seating?

What should i consider? Will this ever healup? What kind of surgery is recommended in this case?
Let say if I opt for cleft-lift surgery, will the wound healup? what if the wound doesnt healup then either?
I am just scared of more pilonidal surgeries.

Thank you for reading, looking forward to hearing from you guys.