Pilonidial cyst healing after incision and drainage question


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So I had my pilonidial cyst drained on the 13th of June, and the wound has been healing quite nicely ever since, it's pretty much closed all the way.
I have no pain, no fever, nothing of the sort, but I am worried about one thing.

As I was changing the gauze the other day I touched the wound and noticed that there is a kind of "bump", as if the skin underneath is very hard. It did not hurt to touch it, but then when I took a picture of the wound, I noticed that it is slightly red(HOWEVER, i must say, when looked at by the naked eye, it is NOT red at all, the picture I took was just very close up). I will provide a picture of the healing as of today, please realise it looks much worse on camera than it does to the eye for some reason.

So I was wondering if this is just part of the healing process? Should I be worried? I want to clarify that I have no pain or discomfort AT ALL.
My mother (who is not a health professional) said that it just might be a scar but I don't know if she knows what she is talking about :p.

I really cannot deal with having surgery at this point in my life because I am joining the army soon, and as long as I have the actual cyst, but there is no pain, I can live with that happily. Thanks