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Hello all

I am a 19 year old otherwise healthy guy in the UK that has been suffering with a Pilonidal sinus since I was 14. Four months ago I decided enough was enough and decided to have surgery. I had a closed excision procedure done and had stitches removed after two weeks. Healing went well for the first month and I was so happy. However I began noticing a fair amount of discharge (varies from yellow/ light brown and sometimes is bloody) staining my underwear and was heartbroken to find about three holes along the scar. I went to see my doctor and was told this was normal in the healing process and to just keep the area clean. Well a couple of months later the holes had joined to create an inch long deep pit at the bottom of the scar really close to my anus. This is when I began noticing larges amount of bright red blood whenever I went to the toilet and the pain got extremely bad. Again I went to see another doctor who told me the surgery had failed and resulted in an open wound at the bottom of the scar. He now recommends having the Limpberg Flap procedure (similar to a cleft lift I think) however there is a three month waiting list.

I start my first year of university in a few weeks and at the moment physically cannot sit down for more than 5 minutes without agony so two hour lectures are going to be a problem. The discharge is also a problem with it regularly soaking my underwear which doesn't smell too pleasant. I bathe it in salt water daily and keep it clean and dry but nothing seems to help. I am really out of options on what to do and fear the next few months are going to be a living hell in what is supposed to be an enjoyable time. I really regret ever having surgery and now suffer from depression because I can't actually function.

I am begging for any suggestions or personal experiences on how to help it heal or ease the pain and am willing to try anything. This forum is my last hope trying to regain some quality of life from this terrible ordeal. Thank you in advance.


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Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear of your agony, and I am a Mom of three sending you so much love right now. I completely understand how you must be feeling, and I do have a few suggestions that might make a big difference for you.

First, get yourself a coccyx cushion to make sitting more tolerable. (I’m not in the UK so I don’t have specific shopping recommendations, but I’m sure you have a way to search for that). And if you take it to school during your lectures, just consider it handling a “sports injury” to take care of any embarrassment or hesitation.

Second, get a heating pad if you don’t already have one. They are SO comforting and soothing - it would be great comfort therapy for when you are at home. I’m seriously practically married to mine, haha! Resting with the heating pad on the affected area really helps relieve a lot of pain and promotes healing.

Third, consider purchasing and using menstrual pads to handle the discharge/underwear component of this issue. Now, believe me, I understand that being a 19 yr old male might create a “what the hell are you talking about!! moment. But, consider the fact that these products are specifically designed to adhere to the underwear to absorb liquid and odor. So, pretty practical, right? Super easy to use and readily available. Even ones designed for the heaviest...uh, flow...are quite thin and unnoticeable these days. I know several guys who have utilized these products in times of injury because of their design and practicality.

It sounds like you are already doing a really, really fantastic job with keeping everything clean and well-attended, which I know is no easy task and upsetting as well - so you’re doing everything right. This will get better.

Sending you a big, giant hug right now and I will be right here to hear how it’s going for you. Let’s get you through this so that you can start university in the best way!


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Sorry to hear mate, the exact same thing happen to me, had the stitches and 2 months later 3 holes opened up. Everytime i went to the bathroom there would be blood and it was very uncomfortable to sit and just doing a lot of things it wasn’t pleasant. I ended up using women’s night time pads, they are large and padded and I felt comfortable through the day and change it for the night and I didn’t have to worry about getting blood on my pants ect. I had my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago and this time they cut me open 10cm long by 5cm deep so basically had the same surgery 2nd time round but this time they left the wound open and I’ve got a vac dressing. So far so good, it’s healing well and I’m going for skin draft next Friday to end this disease for once and for all. Hang in there and get through the 3 months and once you get the surgery done you will be 1 step closer to healing for good.