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Hello. Around the beginning of October, I noticed that it was hard to sit, walk, and lay down due to an intense pain in my upper crack area. Never had I ever had any issue with that area before. I think it was triggered by landing on my butt too many times in my club sport? I felt a medium-sized bump (no larger than an inch wide or so) with odd-looking drainage and went to my university's health center after a week of worrying. They looked at the bump there and told me it was a pilonidal cyst, most likely caused by something not completely forming while in the womb or poor hygiene. They sent me that very same day to an outpatient (?) surgery clinic specifically for my school where it was drained. It was very painful because I waited a week and they weren't able to numb it due to its infected area. I felt the entire thing and I would have fainted if it weren't for the nurse practically scaring me into staying awake. She was very forceful and convincing (haha) after I told her I faint easily. It was left open and packed daily for two to three weeks. I was back to sitting right then and thought it was over.
The doctor I saw (that preformed the minor surgery) told me I needed a more intense surgery: one requiring general anesthesia. That event occurred in December, no more than one month ago and nearly two months after noticing it in the first place. I believe it was closed with stitches and left open at the top. In less than a week, it will have been one month since.
Unfortunately, today I decided to try using a band-aid to cover the wound instead of the usual saline-soaked gauze rolled into the crack atop the wound, covered by a gauze held in place by medical tape. The medical tape has begun to hurt and it irritates my skin. I went to the bathroom and noticed it bleeding bright red.
Long story short, I would really enjoy some kind or helpful words from anyone or anyone that's been in a situation like this. Please, I'm an active college student and I hate not knowing how long it will take to recover. I just want this period to end already.


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Most likely your best option is to get the cleft lift surgery. I had two surgeries like your last one, closed with stitches, but unfortunately they did not fix the problem. I highly recommend NOT getting another open or closed pilonidal surgery. Best to go to one of the highly recommended surgeons on this forum and have him or her perform the cleft lift surgery for you.