Please help! Suffering for 5 months !


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Five months back. Mid of Sep 2016 I started to experience a sharp pain on top of my butt crack. I taught it was a normal small pimple and let it go, as it was not big. After 5 days I experienced a little itching. Looking up on the internet I suspected it to be a pilonidal. I tried to put pressure on it to see if there is any drainage. Yes, two or three drops of blood and whitish liquid came out. I immediately rushed to the Urgent care. They gave me some antibiotics for the next ten days, and told that its to early to do any lancing. Next day I dint feel any sharp pain. But since that day untill now(past 5 months), I experience pain on my butt crack while sitting(sometimes accompanied with burning) and while walking I feel some pain on the top left of the butt crack. But I dont see any boils/swelling/drainage. My girlfriend looked at it, and told me that there are two small dots/pits still there. I saw a surgeon from the hall of fame and he told me the symptoms looks to be pilonidal and suggested to do a cleft lift if I wanted to get it done.

Does pilonidal problem cause pain in two areas ? In the butt crack and top left of the butt crack ??

The pain is fine in the morning, as I sleep mostly on my stomach. It gets worse after two hours of sitting. Walking too long also causes pain. Please help. Is this pilonidal ?

Should I get the pit picking/cleft lift ?

I dont want to get the open excision as it looks so scary and bizarre.

I had a MRI scan of sacral and spinal area. All were very normal. It just revealed that there is a very small inflammation a little left to the butt crack.