Poll- how long did to wait to sit?

How long did you wait to sit after cleft lift?

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Hey guys!

Just wondering how long it took everyone to sit after cleft lift surgery? Also, how long did you wait to sleep on your back?

Mind you, I’m having a small complication after my cleft lift (bottom opened due to fluid build up), so I’ve really only just started sitting at week 3. Cleared to drive etc, I’m just afraid!!

It’s not painful to sit, but does tend to be uncomfortable. Minor twinges here and there, hello nerves! ;) haha


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Hey there I had the surgery Oct 11th and was sitting around 6 weeks. I voted 4 weeks cause I was really scared to sit even when I most likely could. Now it's almost 4 months and I can sit and I'm actually starting back at the gym tomorrow. Take care and good luck :)


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I was scared too even though I was told I could!! Happy to hear you’re back at the gym, that’s my goal also! Thanks for your input :)