Possible infection?

Hi guys, I’m new here. Nice to meet you all!

So I had my pilonidal cyst surgery almost 2 weeks ago now and I’ve started to develop a fast heartbeat at times and pain in the sides. I’ve also had this headache for about 2-3 days now, on and off. There is a discharge but it has become less for sure, and it is sort of a greenish color with some odor. I’m worried I might be developing sepsis, why do you guys think. My surgeon will be checking me out on Thursday but I’m still a little scared.
The headache, fast heart beat and pain in the sides is a bit worrying.

The greenish fluid can be a sign of incoming infection. purulent exudate is what it is call if I remember correctly.

When my wife took over packing and bandaging my wound she didn't clean it very well the first time. The nurse came the next day and noticed the green fluid, it wasn't much so she cleaned it and it stopped appearing after two days but my wife had then learned how to clean it and I have been perfect ever since.

Is the wound area red and swollen? Is it warm? Do you feel tired or anything?
It sounds like the beginning of one. I called my nurse when my boyfriend noticed redness and swelling by my wound. Now that you mention it, I believe I also had a headache around that time and I felt really warm.

My doctor checked it out and she prescribed antibiotics. I don’t think I had that discharge but I do know that if there is that colorful discharge along with odor, that usually means infection. Faster heartbeat also typically means infection.

Just try to take it easy and, if for some reason anything drastic happens, I would go to the ER. But if you can hold on til Tuesday when you see your doctor, that would save you those extra costs. Also it’s common for infection to happen like that, considering the area that it’s in. I’ve read that a lot of people here have gotten an infection not too long after surgery.

Good luck!!