Post Cleft Lift 23 day Report


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Hello everyone,

I had my Cleft Lift procedure done May 10th, by Dr Reinhorn at Newton Wellesley Hospital in Massachusetts. I do not see much on these forums regarding Dr. Reinhorn so figured I would share some information.
I am a healthy male, 24, 5'11 185.

-A little background

I first noticed my Pilonidal cyst in June 2015. Had a reoccurring flare up, 3 weeks of pain and draining, and then it would completely heal up for 3 weeks and return again for another 3. It did this for about a year until summer 2016 and then just completely vanished, for an entire year! I thought I was the lucky one who somehow healed up from it, only for it to return august 2017. Lastly I had no previous surgeries for this disease. As a pilot who sits in a tight cockpit for a living, this disease was terrible all throughout flight school -_-.

I then decided its never going away and visited Dr Reinhorn in October 2017. Dr Reinhorn is a very polite and respectful man and his assistant Lauren is fabulous, you will not meet a nicer and professional team, he immediately said I needed cleft lift surgery and described and laid everything out in a straight to the point format.

Had a couple of periodic follow up appointments leading up to my surgery. I decided to wait on the surgery till I graduated from flight school.

-Some tips he gave me following up to the surgery.
Keep the area clean as possible.
Remove hair, via using hair clippers or nair.
Use hibiclens on the area where the pits are located.

I have to say the second I started doing the above instructions, my flare ups immediately died down.


This was my first surgery so I was nervous and filled with anxiety, but from the moment I arrived and met with the nurses, I could've cared less. The nurses were great.

Again like everything with Dr Reinhorn the surgery went great, he met with me before and after the surgery. It was refreshing to see him come into the recovery room to tell me it all went fabulous and they got all of the disease out. At this point I was in no pain at all, I left the hospital that day with a drain in. The nurses and anesthesia team I had were fabulous, everyone was awesome! It was a welcoming and comforting environment.

To be completely honest the recovery was very straightforward, the incision is completely covered with steri strips, and with a big cover wrap on it. So there was no worry about infection or anything during bowel movements etc. I was NOT allowed to sit nor do anything extraneous. However I was up and (Slowly) walking around by the time I got home having dinner etc.

-Day 1

Day 1 was an easy laying around day. I received a phone call from my PA, just a checkup to see how my first night was. I felt great, just stiff sore etc. But overall I was doing awesome.

-Bowel Movements

I noticed a trend on here regarding your bowel movements after a cleft lift. Believe me I was scared Sh!tless myself. So just figured I'd add this.

(Still day 1)
My plan was to hold off 2-3 days before I would go because I was so scared. But as usual my digestive system works very well and doesn't play any games. So I couldn't hold off any longer, I was told I was allowed to sit during bowel movements, but of course I was too scared too, so I didn't. I pretty much just held over the toilet seat, and just simply went. There wasn't much tactic to it. I used baby wipes, and showered after every movement, just to be on the safe side. I was already a sh!t shower shave guy anyway.

-Day 5

Feeling great!

I went in to have them remove the cover and drain, however the steri strips remained. To this day I had little to no pain whatsoever. I continued to keep doing what I was (Laying around the house keeping myself entertained). Still no sitting. However I was allowed to shower, and use hebiclens, he told me to just let the hebiclens run over the steristrips.

-Day 14

Returned to Dr Reinhorns office to have the suture removed. I was told everything looked great, my incision was about 5 inches long. Both the top and bottom of the incision were closed and healing. Neither the drain nor the sutures hurt at all to be removed. I was now allowed to begin sitting and driving however I waited a couple of days till I tested both. If everyone is wondering what it looks like or if there bum is going to look any different, I have to say it isn't all that different. Yessss you can tell that wasn't what it looked like before, but overall its fine.

-Day 23

So far so good! To this day I have had again little to no pain and used no narcotics. Sitting is a hit or miss. I still have a lot of numbness, so it sometimes feels like im sitting on a tennis ball. Very minimal to no pain depending on the duration of sitting. However, the incision looks like its healing perfectly. Everyday I seem to be getting a little better (Less tension in the area, less pain when I sit).

-Day 28 (June 7th)

I will update after my visit. Hopefully after this visit I will be cleared to return to normal activities!


I highly recommend Dr Reinhorn, the whole process was just so simple. He took something very intimidating and a surgery thats rather complex, and just makes it easy for the patient. Before and after the surgery was just a smooth process. I couldn't be luckier to have had him.

Thank you all for reading, I hope this helps for all my fellow Pilo friends!
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