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    Nov 12, 2017
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    Hi all.

    I got my first cyst 3 years ago, and had it drained in the ER. I received antibiotics, but my opening was never packed.

    Fast fowatd, my cyst returned two weeks ago. As a full-time student who works a lot of hours, naturally, I waited until the last possible moment to seek medical attention.

    Since moving cities due to school, I was forced to visit a local urgent care instead. I had my cyst drained (Much more painfully than the last), and packed with gauze on saturday.

    It is now monday (it's actually sunday, but won't check this til I wake up tomorrow), but my main question is, how do I know if it needs to be re-packed or not? My plan was to remove my dressing, clean the area, shave the area and then shower to clean out the inside. Just confused/worried about needing it re-packed or not

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