Post Surgery Pressure?


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So I had pilonidal surgery (last year) because of a sinus that had formed half way between the tailbone and my anus due to ingrown hair(s).. unlike most of the people on here, it wasn't a pimple but rather just a hole.. the doctor cut open the skin around it and removed all the hairs and left the wound open, it had a few complications in healing due to hair growing back in the region but eventually healed.

However I get this constant pressure from the area every now and then, and once it starts, it doesn't go away until I sleep and wake up the next day.. the only way to describe the pressure is, it's like I can feel the blood flowing through that area, I first felt it right after the surgery and since then it has come and gone, the doctor says the skin healed fine and even did an ultrasound and didn't find anything, but I hate it so much.. at this point I was better off living with the sinus which caused me no pain or discomfort (besides the drainage of blood like once a month)

Anyone know what might be wrong, all I can think of is the skin didn't heal fully on the inside and the wound closed from the outside but the surgeon said it looked great.. probably would never be in this situation if I practiced good hygiene :(