Pregnancy and possible recurrance

Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread although my first sign of a pilonidal abscess was in August of 2006 and then I went on to have the cleft lift surgery that December over my college winter break. Had to pack the wound for at least 2 months after since it was a large incision. Other than, it healed very nicely and never had any symptoms of it again except the occasional itching on the scar after swimming. I had a flare up last summer in 2015 but Clyndamyacin antibiotics took away the symptoms immediately.

Well, fast forward a year and a half later, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and felt that horrible twinge of pressure again. I went to my doctor and she didn't see any redness and thought it may be the baby pushing back on the sacrum bone which was pushing on my scar tissue and irritating it. She referred me to a prenatal chiropractor to get it checked out. Since then the tinge became worse. Going on antibiotics was the last thing I wanted to do but I definitely didn't want to have surgery either. With the blessing of my GP and OB I went on the antibiotics. I've been on them for 5 days...a lot of the pain went away but not all. On one part of the scar, it is slightly red down the side of it. It's not unbearable, it just hurts when I sit a certain way. Walking does seem to relieve some of the pain and pressure.

Today I went to the chiropractor to get the area checked out to see if my sacrum was pushing out. They did some adjustments (they stayed away from the scar, thank God) and said my tailbone was super low and tilted to the side because of me trying to compensate from not sitting directly straight. I'm having some sciatic pain too so that is in the mix and hard for me to distinguish the pain.

I'm going to my OB tomorrow and i know she'll take a good look, but guys I'm so anxious about the scar. I barely even let myself feel around there. If my husband looks at it, I make him put his hands on my hips so I know he won't touch it either. Has anyone experienced this area becoming irritated while pregnant? Even if I'm in the bathtub and try to feel around, it seems more irritated afterward. I've read past forums and would appreciate anyone's input on redness around the scar area. If I'm not feeling a definite bump, no swelling and only slight redness around one side of the scar, is it possible that the area is just irritated? Trying to stay positive here but it's difficult!!
i don't have any advice but i also had the cyst while i was 38weeks pregnant and had the surgery after delivery and i am TERRIFIED of it returning if i decide to have another baby. please keep this updated on your recovery!
I will for sure! I do have an update actually. I went to my OBGYN and she took a look - she was a lot more sensitive about it and more gentle feeling around and trying to find the cyst. She actually thinks the pain is nerve compression around the scar tissue, because we cannot pinpoint where the pain is when we feel around! And I think the baths were actually irritating my scar more than helping (hence the redness, it's gone now), especially if the cyst isn't coming back. My OBGYN prescribed me to go see a prenatal chiropractor that can help with the nerves around the scar. It has really HELPED and it's only been a week :) I am hoping this is my happy ending. They said when the baby drops at the end the area could become painful again, but I'm glad that I think we found a solution!