Question: Cyst Burst at Home


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Hi all,

To begin, I’m new here but have been lurking for a bit. Some back story on my situation: About 8 years ago I slipped and fell straight on my tailbone on a wet brick walkway and that’s when the problems started. About a month after the incident I developed my first flare up which since I didn’t know what it was moved to a fever and I had to go to the ER to get it lanced and drained.

I was fine and had no other issues until about three years ago when I suffered another flare up, again had it lanced and drained.

Flash forward to now: I suffered a third flare up about a month ago and had to again get it lanced and drained. A few days ago I felt it coming back and was just in tears thinking of having to go through that horrible pain again. I saw my doctor this morning and she decided we would try a stronger round of antibiotics and hot compresses instead of lancing it. This afternoon the thing burst on its own which has never happened to me before. It’s disgusting to say the least and I feel gross. My question is, what should I be doing now? I washed it off and put gauze over it but should I be using anything else? How long does it drain typically? And since I’m already on antibiotics should that help clear out the infection?

My doctor is adamant I get surgery to remove it ASAP but I’m in my final term of college and I don’t have time to take off from school.

Any experiences/advice is much appreciated. Thank you!
Hi, where are you based? I've got a sinus that drains from time to time. I'm going to give the Gips procedure a try before any of the more invasive surgeries. It seems like it has a quick recovery time. And it doesn't seem like the procedure lasts that long at all. The only issue is not many doctors in the states offer it for some reason. Dr. Lipskar in New York seems like he has a decent amount of experience using the procedure. You can find a video of him explaining it here