Quickly Recurring Pilonidal


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Hello everyone!
I've been reading this site for a while and want to share my story. Any and all advice is appreciated!

At the beginning of July, I started noticing a "weird feeling" at the top of my tailbone. Nothing crazy at first, but enough for me to mention it to my husband a few times. Within a week I had noticed that there was a large bump and it was starting to get sore. After a little research, I was pretty sure I had a pilonidal and scheduled an appointment with my doctor the following week.
By the time I had my appointment, I was very sore, but he only scheduled me for an ultrasound a week later. At this point I can't sit, lay, or move without being in pain and end up going to the emergency room the day after the ultrasound.
They drained it (so much pain) but I immediately felt relief

October comes and I'm feeling the same thing. Again, I try to hold off as long as possible, but ultimately end up at the ER for the same thing.

I was trying to be optimistic and hoping that like some folks, it wouldn't come back, but that just wouldn't be my kind of luck. I have met with a colorectral surgeon and had to be drained again today. She wants to meet in 4 weeks to discuss the cleft lift.

I read about so many people here who go years without this flaring up a second time and I have now had 3 in just over six months. I also read about some people not having a lot of pain with theirs, but mine is unbearable.

Right now it is very tender, yet is hard all around the incision area which I've never dealt with before.

Has anyone else dealt with this coming on so suddenly and then again so rapidly? Did surgery help? I'm so scared but can't keep living like this anymore. Thank you everyone!


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I'm in the same boat. I had my first flare up in 2014, then had none until January of 2018 and then I got another one within 2 weeks of the last one being lanced and packed and now starting yesterday I can feel the tenderness, hardness, heat coming from there again. I'm so frustrated because I have my procedure scheduled in a few weeks but with a recurrence I'll have to wait until the infection is gone most likely to have my cleft lift. Currently laying in bed, waiting for the abscess to fill so I can have it lanced again.


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What's difficult is pilonidal is very hard to predict. People have vastly different stories of their progression. What does seem to be a common thread in many cases is once it is coming so frequently surgery is the only answer. Cleft lift surgeons also vary in their degree of comfort with the surgery. The most experienced surgeons will likely still perform the surgery with an infection.


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Good to know, I'll ask my surgeon specifically because I've only heard of not being able to be operated on with an active abscess on this forum. I appreciate your input!