Recent Surgery with open wound - No Medical Assistance available


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Hi folks,

I have recently joined this forum and seeking for some guidance with your experiences as a doctor or a patient. Before I go in details, please note I work in UAE (Abu Dhabi) and had my surgery in Pakistan (Lahore). As after pilonidal surgery, its difficult to drive for a few days, so I decided to take medical leaves, go back to my home land, get the surgery done and return to work once I'm able to drive again. So I'm now back to work.

I had my surgery done on 15th of June 2017. Surgical wound is starting just from the tip of my cheek-butt and towards upside. Means end of wound is on the tip of cheek-butt.

This wound was initially 4 inch long, almost 2.5 to 3 inch wide and 1 to 1.5 inch deep i believe. Doctors decided to leave it open instead stitching. So wound is open right now, it has made some good progress till now as I keep it moist with gauze. Doctor advises me to change the bandage daily, keep the gauze wet with Sline Water (Sodium Chloride Drip I found from Pharmacy). I take bath daily but as wound is still not too old, water flow hurts on it. So I keep my bandage dry and take shower carefully. After my shower, my wife changes my bandage, she cleans the wound if she finds blood or anything which should not be there, she cleans it with wet gauze, then insert a fresh gauze (wet) in wound and covers with bandage. So far wound is making good progress. I need your guidance to keep it going well and to have a fast recovery.

I'm not sure if posting pictures of wound is allowed here or not, otherwise I can post initial wound pic after surgery, and recent pic and keep it posted on a weekly basis or something like that for you to have a better idea.

Please note, I live in a place where there is no hospital nearby, and minimum is 62KM drive to drive to nearest hospital. Hence my wife got trained in almost 20 days when I was in Pakistan after my surgery, and now she is changing this bandage for me on daily basis.
Hi yes can you please post before/after, really whatever pics you have will help people. That sounds large, why so large, did you have pits that spanned the entirety of your cleft I assume?