recovering from a pilondial sinus


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hello guys i really get knowleged by your site it helped me a lot
I m from morocco and i did the open pilondal opend surgery i got a really harsh pain after the surgery
but now after a week from the date of the surgery i m too good
the probleeem is in morocco we don't have a very good medical care and we don't get to speak to the doctors as much as you do in other countries
they told me to come to change the bandage every two days the problem is after a day of changing the bandages a weird smell come from the wound every time . as i said i don't experience no pain at all but this weird smell really make me wounder ..;
alsoo i finished the whole medicine and antibiotics that doctors gave me but i bought new package the question is do i have to eat the antiobiotics until the wound is healed
last question plizz im a student at the university so i should keep up with lectures and stuff is it bad to start sitting after the first week of the surgery because you know sitting for 4hours or 6hours day could it hurt the wound collecting himself
thanks a lot you helpeeed your site is amazing
by the way i started talking about the pilondal sinus with my friends to preserve them from this bad experience that i had