Recovery log ( October 2018 )

I saw another user post a recovery log so I figured it'd be cool to do one myself :)

I'm going to label day 1 as the day of surgery.

Day 1:

Was pretty exciting getting to the hospital. The staff were amazingly nice and Dr. Hsu was amazing. We did have a bit of a bump when they got the iv in; I think it's called vasovagal syncope? Anyways it scared the crap outta my mom!
Once I recovered from that (fairly quickly), my dad came in which was comforting. Both parents were there until I was put on the stretcher and wheeled into the operating room. My dad had to leave when they told my parents I made it through okay, so I didn't get to see him afterwards.

When I woke up, my voice was very hoarse from the tube. The main discomfort though was the postnasal drip (I'd been experiencing it in the days leading up to the surgery). Immediately asked for a cloth to cough into.

I got 2 sips of water too, and the wheeled me into post op surgical daycare (adjacent to preop I think). My mom came in shortly after, and after a few minutes we were able to get me up and dressed. Sitting up was... An experience. I ended up vomiting into a bin while a nurse held my hair back. Oddly enough it wasn't that bad since I didn't have anything in my stomach. I immediately felt better afterwards. They gave me a couple more bins for the way home; ended up using one in the car.

Once we got home, I went to the bathroom to take a wicked piss. It was a bit weird sitting down at first, I kinda have to do a weird squat. Nonetheless, I felt loads better after that too. Afterwards, I went straight to bed and passed out on my side.

I woke up once to go to the bathroom again at around 1 ( my bladder likes to wake me up at odd hours as opposed to even ones ;) ), then got some hamster cuddles. I tell you, pet cuddles after surgery is the best!

And now we're onto day 2; today!
I woke up again around 4/5am, went to the bathroom like normal. Got myself an ibuprofen for a headache and slept a bit more. Had some soup, crackers and some applesauce and so far so good. Not as nauseated as I was on the way home which is nice! So far I haven't needed the T3s that I was prescribed, which is nice. The pain is more comparable to the cramps I get on my period to be honest! Just... In my butt. Like a butt period. Without the blood lol

I am comfortably resting in my bed right now, and boy does it feel nice. I am a side sleeper naturally ( post nasal drip makes it hard to sleep on my back anyways ) so I'm having no issues finding my groove and getting cozy! It's about 10:30am now and I might have myself a small nap.

I'm really surprised about the pain level; I've experienced worse (so far) having an ibs attack. So far it feels okay, about as much as youd expect. There's some pain right now but it's more of an ache.
Day 3 (yesterday):

So far so good! Minimal pain, still haven't taken any T3s and have just been keeping up with the ibuprofen. I was given keflex and flagyl to take for 5 days, which isn't too bad but the flagyl tastes super gross. I have to use plenty of water and swallow it fast do I don't get too much of the taste. Yuck!

Day 4 (today):
Once again, so far so good. Having some trouble laying comfortably, my back is aching from laying with my spine straight (on my side or stomach). I'm now able to lay with one leg infront of the other though which is nice! Makes it a bit more comfy. Super tired today though. Haven't had a bowel movement yet, but that's not unusual for me (I've gone a few days without having a BM before thanks to ibs :( )
Day 5:
Okay day 5 has barely started (it's noon now; got up at 9) and I finally had my first BM! Let me tell you, stool softeners are not joking when they say they soften.

I was kinda curious beforehand as to how it would go, so this might be a bit gross.
You're going to want to have baby wipes/wet wipes on hand! And a bag depending if they're flushable or not. It'll be awkward sitting down but if you're like me and have an advantage of having a rather... Long behind then you don't have to worry too much about it getting on the gauze/wound. I would have someone double check to make sure you got it all off (only if you're comfortable with that though!)

If anyone has anymore questions about the process I am happy to answer in dms! Don't wanna gross too many people out haha

Anyways, so far day 5 has been nice. Minimal discomfort, some itching but otherwise my pain level us about a 0.5 out of 10. I can sit a little bit now but I try not to. I wanna take it easy so that it can heal.

My gauze bandaid thing has come off on one corner, so when I go to the bathroom I take that as an opportunity to let it air out a bit and let the wound breathe. My thoughts are that this also helps keep things dry.

Will update again tomorrow :)
Day 8:

I honestly forgot what happened the last few days, my memory has been shite for a long time. That being said, I've got zero pain! I've had more BMs, which is totally been easy.

The only downside is... Oh lord the itching. It itches so bad! It's so annoying. I can't wait to get the stitches out.

Other than that, nothing else noticbly has happened. I can sit a little bit more without issue, but I'm waiting to sit full time again until after my stitches are out.
Day 10!!

I'm breaking out the victory trumpets here folks. My stitches are out!

The first few ones he pulled out hurt a tiny bit, but it was like getting your ears pierced. Now it's itchy again but I think that's because the skin is closing up around where the stitches used to be. It feels so good to no longer have a giant gauze bandage taped to my butt. Even better to have the stitches out! So excited.

I'll hopefully be getting a coccyx pillow at the end of the month too, which will make things easier. I'm going to keep taking it easy and resting for the next week and slowly reintroduce sitting. I can't wait to take a shower when I get home!
Day 12

So I decided to wait a bit for the shower just to give the wounds left from the stitches removal time to heal too. There's slight drainage near the center of the incision, so i put some mupirocen on it just to be safe.

It's a little bit itchy, and I've decided not to sit for too long just in case of irritation to the wound. It's still crusty, and some of the scab came off when I was gently dabbing the leaking area. I'm gonna monitor it just incase it opens, but so far it looks okay. My mom said that it looks good too.
I'm glad to read your healing is going well! Be sure to take it easy & not push it with physical activity. Hope it continues this way. :)
Day 14

I've been mostly laying on my side or on my stomach today. Very minimal pain, but a little twinges here and there. I noticed while checking out the scar that the lil opening was shiny again, so i gently dabbed it with some toilet paper, and there was the slightest amount of green fluid. No smell to it though, so i'm not sure if its a sign of infection or not. I have an appointment with Dr. Hsu on the 17th and I'm going to have her take a look just in case there's a budding infection ready to happen. Overall though I feel great. There's no pain where the cyst used to be and it's so refreshing!
Day 18:

I had my appt with Dr. Hsu and she said it's healing up nicely, but she can see where I saw the drainage come out. She put some steristrips on, for extra reinforcement. Only 2 outta 4 remain lol

I'm on my period now so I'm doing a bit more sitting in order to prevent blood leaking, but so far so good. Very minimal discomfort. I've layed on my back a few times to test the waters a bit and haven't had any pain or anything.