Scheduled consult for pit-picking

Hi all, I am new here but have been reading the forum since being diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst at urgent care a couple of weeks ago. I am a 24 year old, in shape, female... so I am quite annoyed to be in this situation.

I'd had tailbone pain a few times over the past few years but chalked it up to being hormonal, period related, etc, and it always went away on its own after a couple days... Until a few weeks ago where I was getting bleeding and smelly discharge for the first time :( the thing about mine is that it's inside my buttcrack, not as close to the top as most people's seem to be. I got some antibiotics to clear up the infection and I'm pain free again as of now.

Anyway, I went to my PCP for an official diagnosis and as expected she discussed the "excision" type surgery options with me, but luckily after finding this forum i'd researched "pit picking" and I refuse to get an excision. I found a doctor about 2 hours away from where I live who does pit picking and scheduled an appointment for two weeks from now. It may just be a consultation - but if I'm a good candidate, maybe he can do it in his office that day.

I'll plan to update!
I hope all goes well! I'm also thinking about pit-picking. I've yet to go to a doctor, though. What are the requirements/qualifications for pit-picking, if there are any?

Also, how much would the price be? The guide on this website said up to $2000. In just curious as to how much it would cost me if I'm uninsured, but would like to get it done at a doctors office.
I'm not sure! I do have insurance, and when I called to make the appointment, the receptionist just said "you do have insurance, right?" So I told her yes and that was that.

When I actually have my consultation, I guess we'll see whether he does the procedure in-office that day or schedules it for a future visit (if I am even a good candidate for it.)
Saw the doctor today, and he was great. I definitely felt like we were on the same wavelength regarding what I've learned on this forum. Anyway, he wanted to schedule me as an outpatient procedure, so I'll be having the pit-picking on Monday.
Well, my procedure is tomorrow. I'm not nervous, just relieved this is (hopefully) going to be all over soon. I had my pre-op phone call on Friday and was told to be at the hospital at 8:15am - so my mom and I are leaving for the drive at 6am. I'll update afterwards!
A little after 2:00 and it's all over. They ended up giving my mom and I a voucher for the cafeteria since my surgery time was so delayed. Then they wheeled me back and about a minute after they gave me the gas, I was out.

Woke up later back in my room with my mom, wearing a different gown than the one I started with... and the only pain I was having was from the breathing tube i'd had during the procedure. The nurse gave me some discharge instructions and ice packs, I changed into my clothes and used the bathroom, and then I went to the cafeteria with my mom.

On the drive home now.
Dr delayed the pit picking... Thought I should revisit it in 2017 when the insurance makes more sense. Thanks Obamacare. He thought it may take two picks since mine positioned close and I have preexisting medical conditions. The biggest pit is, 4mm deep and 2mm across. There are two very close to each other. He was able to pick the hair out of my pit without picking the pit. He thinks there is a small chance it heals that way.
That's good to hear! I don't know much about mine, other than that I had 3, and mine must have been more severe since I had to have it as an outpatient surgery. I didn't get to talk to him after the surgery. I'm sore now that the numbing agents have worn off (sore all over, really), but luckily I have the agency to work from home occasionally, so you can find me on the couch today.
Monday was the procedure, Tuesday was pretty rough pain-wise (all over my body) as I said earlier.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I felt mostly normal again other than still a little bit of a sore throat and of course my butt. Somehow I forgot to take any pain meds in the morning but I was mostly fine all day. I went back to work and found a standing desk and felt fine.

Today (Thursday) I had to attend a workshop all day and sit in an auditorium seat all day. I was a lot more uncomfortable, and I also did quite a bit of driving which is still relatively painful. At home I try to stand or lay on the couch on my side. My throat feels better, so now it's really only my behind that hurts.

I'm still using a pad in my underwear to catch any bleeding; there wasn't much yesterday (since I mostly stood, I'm guessing) but there were a few light pink spots today. I'm trying to remember it's only been a couple days. I'm just doing my best to keep it clean and dry. When I try to see what actually is "going on" back there, it doesn't look like much, even though it hurts. I have to remember it was just a pit picking. :)
Another update... I'm now 10 days post-procedure. Still just trying to keep things clean and dry as possible. I think the dermabond -- skin glue -- that was used on my incisions is loosening a bit and feels kind of like a crusty scab, but I can tell it's not ready to come off yet so I'm not pulling or picking at it. It smells a little, but not as bad as when I had an infected abscess. And it still hurts a little and is draining a little too.

I've been in contact with my surgeon via patient portal (since I'm a worrywart), and they said to be patient with the healing process. I think, since I knew this was one of the more minor procedures, I thought I would be 100% "over" this by now, but it was still a surgery and it still takes time to heal. At least it's not affecting my day-to-day life as much as it was in the first few days post-op. I just want this whole thing to be behind me. But I need to find that patience.

Will update again soon.
Wanted to give another update. It's been 3 weeks post-op now, and I'm feeling pretty good. The pain is almost non-existent -- and I think the pain I do have can be at least somewhat attributed to all the hours I've spent sitting on an airplane in the past week.

Some sort of adhesive finally came off a few days ago - I'm not sure if it was Dermabond; it kind of looked/felt like the sticky part of a band-aid. I have some redness in my butt cheeks but I sent a picture to the surgeon and nurse, and they were not concerned. The bleeding has recently stopped as well.

At this point, the only annoying symptom I'm still having is kind of a wet/slippery feeling in my buttcrack. I think it's still draining a bit, because I sometimes get a ticklish sensation and feel like inside my buttcrack is kind of slimy. I know that's gross. So I'm still using a pad in the back for now.

I had a trip to visit friends last week and I was worried I'd still be recovering from the surgery and it would be a nuisance on the trip, but it really wasn't. I would say I have improved a lot each week, so I'm looking forward to continuing to heal.
Hi everyone,

I wanted to give a month update. Today marks 4 weeks exactly since my surgery. In fact, my surgeon's nurse called me for a verbal follow-up today. Luckily I didn't have much to discuss, as I was sitting on a plane about to take off, and it could have been awkward if I needed to go into detail. :)

I'm really having no pain at all. I was finally able to see the incision that was made, and it's maybe 3 centimeters long and just looks like a long red scratch. I also could see the pits - I remember my surgeon telling me he'd clean them out from underneath and allow them to heal from the inside out. I think that finally makes sense to me now. From what I understand, the pits still appear to be there on the outside - for now - but underneath them, the tissue is filling in (now that the hair/debris is gone) so the pits don't "tunnel" to anything.

As far as other symptoms I was feeling last week -- the redness I was having in my buttcrack is fading to a light pink, the slight unpleasant scent I was smelling is gone, and the oozing/leaking sensation I'm feeling is decreasing by the day. Today is day 2 or 3 that I have forgone the pad in the back of my underwear.

So far, so good. I'm feeling hopeful about the future.