Shaving After Wound Closure

Hello everyone!

I hope today is going okay for all that are reading this. I am currently 8 weeks post op and am beginning to see light at the end of the pilonidal tunnel. Healing has been fairly consistent throughout the wound but there is one area that is taking longer. When I am fully healed, I will be looking into laser hair removal around the cleft region. I will be shaving the area using a bikini trimmer for now though.

My question is.....

Do people shave for the rest of their lives? Is there an age where you can stop the upkeep of biweekly trimming?
May I ask what kind of surgery you had? I’m 8 weeks out from a cleft lift and was told not to trim or shave hair, but I’ve been wondering if I should just to be safe. Glad your recovery is going well!
Good afternoon! I had the excision that was left open to heal from the bottom up. My surgeon said that the sinuses had run to deep so I couldn't get the cleft lift procedure done. I personally don't have any experience with hair removal during the cleft lift healing process, but if your doctor told you not to trim or shave, I would follow their advice. I hope your recovery is going well!