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Hi guys, first post here but I'm eternally grateful for all the helpful things I've been reading over the past few months. I'm one week post-op from my open wound surgery. All in all it's been OK, I think I got in there fairly early so the wound isnt as huge as some I've seen (damn Google...).

Now obviously my main concern is making sure I dont get a reoccurrence and something I've been getting mixed messages about online is hair removal around the wound. I'm considering lazer removal once the wound has healed but I'm not sure what to do in the mean time. I'm a hairy man, particularly around that area. Should I be shaving the area around the wound? Is it even possible to do it yourself? I've seen about 5 different nurses so far and they all seem relaxed about it, but then I'm not sure if they're just avoiding an unpleasant task!

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks x


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Hey, I'm no expert on this, and you may get a bunch of different answers on this's what I've heard. Some people report better results with trimming, rather than shaving. I think I'd read some med. report from England that said people who shaved the area had higher cases of recurrence, something about the bumps caused by shaving. Now, there are people here who shave anyway and combat the bumps with something called NoBump RX or something like that, is made by Gigi and can be bought at your local Sally's Beauty Supply. However, shaving is difficult to do alone, you have to have a partner you trust to do it, and there's the risk of cutting yourself and causing a problem. So, many people have instead decided to trim rather than shave. Most have found those slim round personal groomers used for noses and ears to work pretty well. Personally, I have my wife trim my area "back there" with a Norelco OneBlade. Head is T-shaped so gets close to cleft without problem. Is like a buzzer/trimmer but works a little differently, you lay it flat on your skin and it glides across the skin and trims very close with no knicks. We found that the ass-in-the-air posture tends to get trimmings in places you don't want them best done laying on your side, trim the lower cheek, then flip over and trim the other (now lower) cheek, so trimmings fall away and not into the cleft/wound/sinus/whatever.
I hope this helps.


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Thanks for your reply, been busy with work so no time to check back on here. Yes this is tricky as I have no one to help and the nurses I see seem reluctant to help. I guess Im just going to wait until I heal then get that lazer treatment. gonna cost a lot but I've read good things about low recurrence rates following this.

Did anyone out there not tend to their regrowing hairs after surgery and regret it?


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A body groomer will do the job, its what i use. I also went for laser 4 sessions. The hair still comes back, Ive got 4 more sessions to go.
100% do keep up with hair removal
and please use an electric body groomer not a razor.