Skin too tight post cleft lift?

Hi all -

I am writing after suffering of three years of post-cleft lift chronic pain and wanted to get your thoughts. I currently get bad pain along the scar itself and particularly along the left butt cheek where the skin was pulled over for the surgery. This pressure is made worse with sitting or any applied pressure.

I am beginning to think that possibly the skin that was pulled over was pulled too taut during the surgery. The pain is localized alongside the scar/pulled over skin and that area seems to be a focus of pressure when sitting. Is it possible that area is constantly being tugged which has led to this hypersensitivity?

Has anyone else heard of such and issue and if so how did you deal with it? Thank you in advance.
Could be scar tissue, could be the nerves in the area are messed up, or the surgeon did something wrong. Do pain meds help?

imo I rather take pain and no recurrence of cysts tbh.
I don't have a ton of scar tissue so I don't think its that. I have had multiple other surgeons look at the area and they all seem to think it looks OK. The nerves may be "messed up" but I have taken alot of drugs to treat that.

Also, indefinite pain is far worse than occasional cyst flare ups.