Soreness after sitting following cleft lift surgery


Hey everyone,

I had a cleft lift performed by Dr. Wadie in Raleigh, NC 6 weeks ago and everything has been healing great! However, I still have some pretty severe soreness at the end fo the day if I sit for more than a couple of hours. My cleft lift was pretty major because I had three previous surgeries including a marsupialization, but I was hoping to have less soreness at this point. I don't have any pain on the wound or scar, just a general soreness. For those who have had a cleft lift, I was wondering how long it took for you to be able to sit for several hours a day without becoming sore? Thank you!



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I would love to see an answer on this too. I’m confused—the surgeon who performed my surgery seemed to think I’d be back in action a mere two days after the surgery, but I am not able to sit yet, not even on a coccyx cushion. I don’t get the drain out until Day 10, and it’s hard to imagine being back to normal before that.


Hey shabule, I definitely felt the same way. I was told most likely a few days and it was more like a few weeks. However, I am able to sit well enough now to go about life normally, I’m just very sore at the end of the day. So don’t be discouraged that you can’t sit yet because you should be able to soon!

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2 months maybe? Maybe longer for it to feel completely fine after sitting for hours. I got into the habit of sitting more on one side. Not sure when exactly I broke that habit...

I will say 2/3 months until sitting was all good for hours.