Specialist needed in Ireland


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I previously had a pilonidal sinus in 2017 and was on antibiotics for months until I found this forum and eventually went to Asha Senapati for trephine surgery. I continued to have some pain for about 6 months after, but eventually, things seemed to settle down and I had not had any further problems until the last few weeks. At the time the procedure was done, there wasn't really much there to clean out (hair, etc) yet the procedure seemed to help a lot. I think I had a fairly mild case, although it was extremely painful. I didn't seem to have the extensive tunnelling that I've read about on this forum. I have other health issues that cause poor wound healing so some of the traditional methods of dealing with this are likely not good for me. I am hoping to find someone in Ireland who can do this same sort of surgery I had before or potentially a cleft lift because traveling to the UK right now is not an option. I would certainly go back to Miss Senapati if I could! If anyone could recommend someone in Ireland, I would be very grateful.