Stages of wound splitting


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Hi guys,
I have had 3 surgeries of my pilonidal sinus. The first one was pretty bad (around 9 cm, a lot of discharge and blood) and it was left open to heal. Unfortunately, I wasn't told how to take care of the wound and I was usually very wary of touching my butt since childhood lol. A lot of hair apparently broke and fell into the open wound which lead to another cyst which started draining again.

A year later, I was operated for a flap procedure which was stitched up and also had a drainage pipe for a few days after the op. The surgery went okay and I thought I was healing but again, I wasn't very meticulous with observing the wound and removing the hair in surrounding area. This led to another recurrence.

In June 2019, I got a laser ablation of my sinus track (which apparently extended to the upper end of my scar so the previous surgeon may have missed it, the tract was 6 cm). The surgeon left two tiny holes on both ends of the tract so that the exudate comes out and the area heals well. As an adjunct to this surgery, I started laser hair removal sessions but since I am very hairy, it will take many sessions to finish off the hair in that area. In November 2019, I started exercising and I think the wound area split because I was also squatting in the gym. This FREAKED ME OUT! There was blood mixed with some exudate which scared the SHIT OUT OF ME. I thought it's happening again and I hadn't shaved the area really well as I was away from home. My laser doctor took a look at it and he said it's nothing except that thr hair is just irritating the soft skin and prescribed be Mupi Ointment with Zinc supplement for healing. It started healing well. In March of this year, there was some hair growing there combined with prolonged sitting on bad chairs and I noticed some light blood mixed with a little exudate from the same area ( I usually do a "tissue paper test"). I freaked out again but started removing my hair meticulously in the area.
I think my "wound split" was just that and the area seems to have FINALLY HEALED. No discharge since almost a month now but I have these tugging sensations and slight pain (sometimes because of shaving) in the scar area and under my stitched skin which sends me over the edge but I read about "Pilonidal Paranoia" on the website which gave me so much relief (THANK YOU SO MUCH).
I've attached 3 pictures--First is the wound split in November 2019:
then the healing in December 2019:
and a photo I clicked yesterday:

P.S: Still afraid of sitting comfortably and I keep checking that area by wiping tissue. I would be grateful if you could help me with my was like I believed I had it in November and then again the exudate episode recently scared the shit out of me. Also, the healed area feels softer and lighter than the surrounding skin, is this normal?