Stinging and itchiness bottom of cleft lift scar.

Hi all, on the 7th of November I had cleft lift surgery with Miss Senapti in Portsmouth. Everything has being going great. I can walk normally, bend over and sit for short periods of time. However the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing some itchiness and occasional stinging at the very bottom of the wound which curves around the anus (not in the cleft) has anyone else experienced this and if so how long before it went away.
I too had surgery by miss senapati in Portsmouth on 29th October, I had the odd stinging and itching but this was temporary and went away after about three weeks. I’m all healed now so it clearly wasn’t an issue. I wouldn’t consider it a bad thing as it indicates healing things are happening down there, you only need to be moderately concerned if you get blood or a skin split, but if you haven’t had that by now you should be ok. How well are you cleaning it?
Hope that’s of some help!
Hi mate, thanks for your reply it does help. It looks like the skin did indeed split, well it looked more like a scab that had been picked off more than an actual separation of the scar. I am not sure whether this is normal or not as I assume most people's skin split at the bottom of the cleft rather than the section right at the bottom of the wound itself that curves round. I am washing it with the shower head and using shower cream for sensitive skin that I bought from boots. I am glad that you are all healed, if I may ask how are you getting on sitting down. And I can sit for around an hour but after that the scar gets quite sore and numb feeling, which goes away after standing up and walking around.
It’s perfectly normal for the lowest bit to split because of it’s location, however the literature states that these almost always heal on their own in about 6-10 weeks average with no treatment. So don’t worry about it, the fact it has scabbed can only be good news! Sounds like a good way of cleaning it, I used shower jelly’s from Lush which are made of all natural ingredients (so no aggravating chemicals) to wash mine and that helped a lot. They’re also not abrasive so give them a go. In terms of sitting it only hurt to sit on sofas as my weight was spread over both buttocks unevenly so I preferred to sit on chairs (still do although can sit on sofas now). Keep positive with it all, it’s very easy to become disheartened with it but I can assure you, Miss senapati will have done a fantastic job for you and it will eventually heal and stay healed. Mine is healed but still twinges etc so that may take a while to go as well.
Yeah I have read quite a lot of people have a slight breakdown near the bottom of the scar. I am sure it will heal in time still a wee bit worrying as I had 2 "closed" surgeries before so any slight pain or itching I get quite anxious. I have also had to bend down and move about quite a bit since 2 weeks post op as I have a 1 year old son so that may increase my chances of it splitting as well. Yeah I will definitely look into those. I also noticed that sitting in the car is a lot easier than on the sofa. I work in an office so hopefully that will get better with time. Definitely agree with you in regards to becoming disheartened, a big part of it is how this diseas effects mental health as well as physical. I have my 1st follow up with Miss Senapati on the 13th so hopefully she can confirm everything has healed correctly so far. Not really a woman of many words though from my experience, but most surgeons rarely are. Have you had your follow up appointment with her yet?

I wouldn’t worry about bending over too much, if it’s going to split it will do so either by chance or due to excessive sitting, walking etc. Yep totally agree, I have dealt with this for 4.5 years, so I decided to see her and bring to an end to it which seems to be the case! I’m sure you will get there too. Yes she is reserved in her communication and didn’t seem too friendly when I first met her, but at my first follow up two weeks ago she was totally different and very nice and talkative, maybe due to it being post op etc. Not too worried by that though as long as she gets the job done! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you pal, stick at it!