Stitches Post-Surgery


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Hi everyone! I'm new here but I had just gotten my surgery on July 19th. I'm a pretty overweight female with PCOS (hormonal disorder which gives me more testosterone, which gives me hair in certain places, which is why I developed a cyst). The Dr. told me that she was going to do the packing procedure but then proceeded to give me a drain and stitches. I didn't look much into the surgery, my mother actually said that it could get worse and forced it on me. The thing is, I think she stitched it too high.. When the stitches come out, will the part that was stitched separate or no? Because it feels like they're sewn together and it won't go back to normal. Like I said I'm overweight so I'm used to having a deeper crack. But this is now on the surface and sewn together. I'm a little scared for the result. I got the drain out today (the dr said I was supposed to get it out last week - Oops!) But I get them out Monday. I'm pretty nervous.