Surgery Almost Healed but Itchy and little pain.


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Hello guys my name is Jonnie and im new here.

I had pilonidal cyst surgery 7 years ago and had the cyst removed , i was left with a big hole which took 3 and a half months to heal..2 months ago my surgery has swollen and had to go to the hospital to remove a small cyst and i was left with 1.5cm deep round hole which has healed today..but since yesterday i experience itching and a little bit of burning around the area...what does that mean ? i asked the gp nurse and said that must be normal but it doesnt feel right to me although through the 2 months i had this little hole the dressings never hurt and there was no pain.

I would like anyone to tell me is anything wrong or should i just wait another week maybe is it because it is freshly healed?