Surgery cost

Surgery cost

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Lets see if I can renmber.
Sarah first surgery pit picking/extraction was $300 total. Her second surgery a open wound was $3000 {that includes all the packing materail as well} and her last surgery {to date} was a Karydaskis Flap, a grand total of $7000. {that is total for dr, hospital and the works. Now we have good insurence so we only paid a small amount for each.


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^ still any kind of surgery should be free (excluding cosmetic surgery) i find it unfair that you had to pay all this money for the same surgery as mine, my surgery like a said was 100% free. it should be like that for everyone not just australian's.


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After my insurance the surgery will cost me $81.82 - but that is just for the surgeon, not sure how much will be tacked on for all the other things that go alone with the surgery.


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Free for me in the UK - I also have a nurse come and do all wound packing everyday for me, prescriptions delivered and follow ups with a colorectal surgeon for free. I love the NHS. I feel very sad for Americans who cannot afford their insurance or treatment etc. Why were (seemingly) a majority of people in the USA so up in arms when Obama proposed an NHS style service - this thread alone shows how great it really is to have a social healthcare system.


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Surgery - Free.
1 month post-op daily home care - Free.

I did however have to wait approx. 5 months for the surgery.


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Being from Canada I do miss the low health care costs there... but now I am in the US -- I am not sure what my surgeon billed me just for her work alone (my husband got the bill and stored it somewhere so I haven't actually looked at it myself), but they told me the total cost (hospital, surgery, anesthesiologist, etc) was 14k, and after insurance we paid about $1100. I was blown away by the total cost.


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For my first surgery (the cleft lift) I did not have insurance and it was around $14,500 for everything. A little over $1,100 to the surgeon, a little over $1,000 for anesthesia and the rest to the hospital. I also spent about $1,600 in urgent care and er visits before the surgery. Thank god I had insurance for the second surgery (open excision) I can only imagine how much it would have cost me out of pocket for 3 weekly visits from the nurse for 2 months not to mention the wound vac would have been $200 A DAY!! and like $40-50 for the kits for each changing 3 times a week. I wouldnt have even been able to use it if it wasnt for the insurance, even tho it was a struggle to get them to approve it.

I did just get approved from the hospital to get assistance with my bills since I am still out of work and they approved me for 100% so we will see what happens with the surgeon and anesthesiologist they may follow suit. but the hospital dropped the $13,000 I owed them (for first surgery and the ER visit)
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My surgery to remove it cost $30000 and I was billed $3000 after insurance. It was a very expensive operation if you ask me.


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Wow, these seem inexpensive compared to my sons.
He had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy 4 years ago & the total was around $34,000.00.
Before insurance approved his cleft lift procedure, the hospital quoted us $21,000.00. This doesn't include consultation and drainage before the surgery. Just that one visit was $750.00.