Swapping hospitals


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Hi all,

I was referred back to the NHS after having private treatment for about 2 years. I'm almost certainly going to need another operation, preferably a cleft lift.

I was referred back in July and it's taken a long time to get an appointment. The hospital I have been referred to wouldn't be my first choice. From research I can see there is a really good surgeon at another hospital in London. Does anyone know how to go about swapping hospitals? Every day I have pain, so I don't want to wait forever to be seen. I worry everyday because I have no idea what my current status is. So I don't know whether to potentially wait longer to see this surgeon or just continue with my current hospital?


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Hi, if you're back on the NHS and want to change to another NHS hospital, then you could ask your GP to refer you there instead? Or perhaps it is worth trying to ring this other hospital to ask what their waiting times are like for that surgeon?
Ultimately it is best to first do your research into both surgeons to see who has the most experience with pilonidal surgeries, etc. then decide if you want to stay at this hospital or change.