Swiss Surgery Protocol, have you heard of this?


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Three weeks ago I went to the ER with an inflamed cyst and was able to visit a doctor about two weeks ago for consultation on surgery. The surgery included a pre-operative procedure that I have not seen mentioned here and am looking for insight and curious to know if anyone has had similar procedures done.

I was told there would be a small surgical procedure in which they would pass gauze through the sinus tract and then put in a stitch that would go through my skin, through the cyst, and then out the sinus tract. I was told this would ensure that the tract would not become blocked and that no abscess would form. I would then spend three months with this stitch in to dry out the cyst as much as possible (I have minor drainage now and have been told my body is handling the situation well on its own. I was given no antibiotics). I was told that I can do all normal activity. Following three months, the cyst would be removed and the wound would be left open to heal. From the sounds of it, this secondary incision would be fairly small given the hope that the cyst would have reduced significantly in size.

My medical care is in French and I am not a native French speaker. Has anyone had this type of pre-surgery stitch procedure? Is this called marsupialisation or a tie-over?

Since the consultation, the cyst has decreased in size and is less irritated but is still somewhat bothersome. I have had two visible sinuses for years and have never had an issue until about a month ago. As a very active person (including cycling, which I have read to be inflammatory) I am cautious about getting surgery, but with an office job and after reading extensively on the forum, I worry that this will be a persistent issue.

Thank you for any help and insight you can provide