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i had never heard of a pilonidal cyst before. i started having pain when i was 38 weeks pregnant after sitting for a couple long periods (getting my hair done, taking a long drive) and my OB said that it was likely the baby pushing against my tailbone. A few days later, the pain was so severe that i couldn't stand, sit, or lay down without severe pain. i eventually went into triage and a resident actually was the one who pointed out that it looked like a cyst. they gave me the decision to either lance it right then or wait until the next day to induce labor (i was 39 weeks) and then lance it after i delivered and when i still had the epidural. i chose to wait.
Delivery was rough bc my epidural turned into a spinal that kept wearing off and i eventually (after 36 hours) gave birth vaginally. they decided to lance it 3 hours after delivery and a horrible smell filled the room and my husband said my tissue was so dark that it looked bruised. it turns out that it was infected but the doctor failed to notice and didn't give me any antibiotics and it got so infected that they needed to do an emergency debridment and got all the way to the bone and almost clearly to my rectum. it was huge.
since then, i was in the hospital for 10 days, my husband packed the wound twice a day for a few weeks and i had a wound vac for a few weeks and then continued to pack the wound until now- it's 2 small holes the size of a q-tip head and cone shaped and my doctor said that i could either have it stitched closed or leave it and let it try to heal(where it may never close all the way).
basically i have no idea which to do! i'm afraid of it never closing and being succeptable to infection but i'm also worried that if i decide to get pregnant again someday that it will return and i will have to do it again.
this was honestly the most traumatic thing to happen to me and i missed the first 6 weeks of my first child's life because of this awful, painful cyst.
my dr was confident that it won't return bc they got SO deep and got everything out too but he's only a resident so i'm not as confident. this happened in the beginning of september and i am just now to the size of a q-tip in the middle of february!