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Fantastic Doctor In Dallas/arlington Area

I used Dr. Padmanabhan in Arlington 817-466-7400 for my surgery. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem, and explained step by step what to expect. He was so easy going and friendly. I felt completely comfortable around him. The nurses at the surgery center told me he was a very down to earth kind of guy, and all of his patients loved him. I can see why!! I have been without a cyst for a year now, and I owe it all to Dr. P. I would send anyone I know to this guy, he is great!! I have heard many horror stories about docs who misdiagnose this, and do not treat it properly, which leads to repeat cysts. I would definitely recommend finding a doctor who has experience with this. Good luck to all who read this....
What type of surgery did he perform for you?


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I have been perusing this site in an effort to help my teen son. Can anyone provide more current reviews of specialists in Houston? We have been seeing a colorectal specialist in Houston who is not "too" concerned about my son in the sense that he has seen far worse PC's. He has had this for about a year. To date the treatment has been to open the cyst and clear out debris with blunt tweezers, but with no lasting relief; it keeps coming back. To date the doctor seems to want to avoid doing actual surgery but per my research and my son's actual experience, I don't think this is going to clear up on its own. Our doctor is very personable but very young and I think we may need someone with more experience. Recently the cyst has been draining a bit of blood and pus each night after athletics so I think we need to step up the treatment as it is getting worse not better. Any information regarding experienced Houston specialists, what type procedure you had, and whether it solved the problem, would be very much appreciated.


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I’m in Houston as well and happy to help answer some questions! I had surgery with Dr. Snyder in 2012 and haven’t had a problem since!
Definitely recommend drainage and extraction (D&E). He uses the marsupialization technique to allow healing from inside-out.
he worked and served in army and I’m sure you’ve read, this is what used to be called “jeep seat syndrome.”

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Looking for a surgeon in the Houston area that uses GIPS punch technique. I am willing to fly to Long Island to see Dr. Lipskar, but thought I would see is there is someone closer that does this.