Theories about your cyst?


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I was just wondering how many of you have people in your life offer up reasons you got your cyst? My husband is convinced that it was caused by lack of hygiene, as in I don't wash my crack (which is crap). My mom is now convinced that it was caused by my new exercise routine and bending over lifting weights. No matter that I don't lift any heavier than 10 lbs. How about y'all?


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Several things can cause it:

1) Ingrown hair theory
2) Repetative pressure on the area (like if you do horse back riding ...)
3) Inverted cleft at birth

Bad hygiene is not one of the known causes of it occuring but it can explain it getting infected. And weight lifting just plain doesn't make sense.


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I know! I can't convince my mom that working out has absolutely no bearing on this whatsoever. Anytime anything happens to either me or my husband, whenever we have a pain or something like that, both she and my mother in law blame our workouts. Ingrown nail? From the workouts. Earache? From the workouts.
As for lack of hygiene, my husband is full of crap. I take 2 showers a day when I work out, so why this thing got infected is news to me. I can only figure that a hair from my head fell out, got stuck in the crack, mixed in with sweat during a workout, and voila.
Anybody have any crazy theories that they've been told?


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I was told by my first doctor that my abscess came form the heavy lifting I did at my first job. Then when it recurred again while I was in the Navy the doctors there gave me the same reason. I had never heard of the whole hair in the butt crack theory until recently. Either way I still screwed, 3 surgeries and counting.


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A clump of hair was found underneath my skin during my first operation so the ingrown hair thing seems to have been my problem. Although a few years earlier I had been to sit down on a chair which was then pulled away so I landed very hard on the area on a wooden floor so I also think that may have had something to do with it.


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They told me what happened with me was a combination of friction from clothing (certain material rubbing the area), a weak immune system, and some nasty bacteria that had it out to get me. When they lanced the cyst the first time, they diagnosed me with the P. Cyst and MRSA. No bueno.

I never had an issue with the hair until AFTER I developed the infection pits, and after a few lancings.


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It's not always genetic. It can be, if your family has a history of sacral dimples, but not usually. I know NO ONE that has had a PC.


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overweight, hairy, sweating my balls and arse off, period. i dont belive in fall on ur tailbone or w/e. its a pilonidal cyst! for me its obvius that its eather ingrown hair or a bacteria that gets under ur skit thru a hair(no matter of the size of the hair) that ull eventualy have to cut away or it start thunneling to become a bigger problem.


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I got my first pilondial cyst when I fell down the stairs with a bowl of apples when I was 10. After that, all hell broke loose.


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I've been overweight, underweight, sedentary, active, raw vegan, junk food addict, lived all types of lifestyles off and on since high school. I have to admit that the only 3 times I've had a flare up were during overweight sedentary periods. This last time was the only time that it got so bad that it actually interfered with my life and the day before I noticed the tenderness, I literally sat on the couch ALL day.


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I was told mine was due to being born with this problem or w.e... that my body was rejecting the sinus and it wouldn't stop growing and getting more and more infected :-O


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My daughter who is 15 yrs old had recurring cysts until she recently had cleft lift surgery. She had less invasive surgeries previous to that, but the cysts kept returning and rupturing.

Jessica is a travel soccer player and is in great shape. She doesn't sit around a lot and she is not overweight. Our surgeon told us that yes, it can be hereditary and that usually 3 common factors have to exist at the same time:
1) Ususally people who are very hairy get them (check)
2) People who have had severe cases of acne, especially the caustic or boil like kind of acne (check)
3) People whose cleft (space between butt cheeks) is especially deep and long are most at risk for PD (check)

The cysts grow UNDERNEATH the skin, so its really NOT a cleanliness issue, though it becomes one once the cysts rupture outside of the skin.

The surgeon said the the shape of some people's buttock area does not allow any air to get in and is extremely hard to clean well and therefore traps more bacteria than other people's area. He said getting sufficient air back there is key and impossible with some body shapes. That could also be why some people who are overweight get them as well.

Anyway, hair follicles get trapped under the skin similar to ingrown hairs and they gather more oils, hairs, & infection from there and finally become cysts.

Hope that helps! Our Suregeon was Dr. Lawrence Martin in Baltimore Maryland and he is wonderful.


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I don't know. The last couple of flare up have come right when I started eating more raw vegetables and exercising more. I just had mine lanced a month ago and it came back after my first couple of days back to exercising :(
I'm worried that I started exercising too soon and made it come back, but I don't know that much about it, so maybe it's just coincidental.


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Every time mine goes away is when I have a boyfriend--hehe! No, the way I see it is that when I'm upset (and/or lonely) my body becomes upset as well, and therefore the drainage occurs. It's just happened that whenever I've been in relationships (when I'm girlishly happy about the world and confident in myself) it's gone away (and good! So much easier). I read an interesting-ish book called "The Skin Ego"--basically about the connections between the skin and the psyche. I liked building theories on that, too; fun to think about those crazy connections between life and PD.

...But also I'm sure it was the acne-inducing hormones (I was 14 when I got it) mixed with a tendency for ingrown hairs and a lot of sitting down for classes/homework/hobbies (artsy things)/popularization of the internet back in middle school. And I've never been overweight, but I do have a "deep cleft" as you may call it, and I'm sure that's of no help.


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I attribute having a PC to being "identical" in person to my father, as far as our medical history follows.
I am 22 years of age and everything that has ever happened to him has happened to me, up to this point. (minus appendicitis, so naturally I'm just waiting for that bomb to stop ticking and go off)

Also, I probably have above average body hair for a female, but am not overweight. I have a ganglion cyst on my wrist, and had suffered with cystic acne for a number of years (until Accutane)

Doctors said to me there was no connection in the different type of cysts I had on my body but that I was probably more prone to them in general than the average person.


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I think mine was caused because of excessive hair and possibly lack of excercise and excessive sitting. I sit on rock hard chairs all day for school, then come back home to spend more hours sitting and studying again. So really for me, after looking up all the symptoms and causes of them, its come as no surprise as to how I got it.


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it's not hairy butt in my case, my surgeon said I have very little hair back mother had one on her shoulder but that's a way different area so I don't think it's genetic in my case either....I think it was more sweatiness back there, mine started in June just as the heat started to kick in....