Theories about your cyst?


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In my case,

  1. Hairy butt---check
  2. Deep cleft---check
  3. Uncleanliness--- No, I am very clean when it comes to my body.
  4. Hereditary---No. As far as i know, i am the first to have it in my family.
  5. Had acne as a kid---check (the acne on my face is gone now. But I have occasional pimples on my back)
  6. Overweight---check (My bmi is 25 . Indian people's bmi scale says i am obese!!)
  7. Sitting for long periods of time----check
  8. Other cyst on the body---check(there was one on my left inner thigh, for quite some time now, but it has almost disappeared because of antibiotics i took for the pilonidal abscess)
  9. Repeated minor trauma on my tailbone----check (I used to carry a backpack full of books to school, and college too for some time. I distinctively remember the backpack repeatedly hitting me close to the tailbone area whenever i moved around)
  10. Major trauma on my tailbone----check (The cyst started bleeding for the first time after i took a long international flight on a crappy airline with bad seats)

The highlighted part is what i believe started my pilonidal problem.
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  • Hairy butt- no
  • Deep cleft- ahhh, sort of.
  • Uncleanliness- not a chance
  • Hereditary-father at 22, grandfather at 22 ( for me at 22 ) a few aunts, and uncles as well.
  • Had acne as a kid- yes, severe.. cystic acne on my face, treated by accutane.
  • Overweight- no
  • Sitting for long periods of time- for work, mon-fri 8:30-5.... :(
  • Other cyst on the body- cystic acne (gone now) and ganglion cyst on wrist (still present)
  • Repeated minor trauma on my tailbone- no
  • Major trauma on my tailbone- no


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  • Hairy butt- no
  • Deep cleft- I guess? I've got a big butt from working out all the time
  • Uncleanliness- I take at least one shower a day
  • Hereditary- not to my knowledge
  • Had acne as a kid- Yes, I'm 20 and I still get lots of pimples when I'm hormonal, stressed etc
  • Overweight- no, never
  • Sitting for long periods of time- when I'm out of work, yes
  • Other cyst on the body- Ganglions on my wrists and feet.
  • Repeated minor trauma on my tailbone- School bag constantly hitting the area, sitting down hard on hard plastic school chairs.
  • Major trauma on my tailbone- Being a clumsy child I fell on that area countless times on different surfaces : the shower, wooden floors, ice etc
Awaiting cleft lift surgery, 42 days and impatiently waiting.


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I'm very hairy and I sit for hours everyday as a computer science student. I also think I've caused minor trauma to the area by squatting a few times with improper form.


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  • Hairy butt- kind of really fine light hair
  • Deep cleft- never thought much of it before but I guess it was.
  • Uncleanliness- I dont think I had bad heigine
  • Hereditary- yes, mom aunt and grandma...from both sides of family too.
  • Had acne as a kid- Yes..28 and still get acne.
  • Overweight- no
  • Sitting for long periods of time- yes
  • Other cyst on the body- yes Hidradenitis suppurativa on inner thighs, this also runs in the family, mom dad grandma in same area of the body my mom even got one on the bra line that had to be surgically removed.
  • Repeated minor trauma on my tailbone- minor flare ups after long periods of sitting, ridding in the truck, or dirt biking/four wheeling.
  • Major trauma on my tailbone- both times I had bad flare ups, recently and 10 years ago, were both within weeks/months of falling down the stairs.
...and both the Hidradenitis suppurativa and the pilo became a problem around when I turned 18. and seem to be very much connected with hormones as well, as both react very badly to 'that time of the month' every month.


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    • Hairy butt- nooo. I actually got a compliment from my doctor how hairless my butt was xD
    • Deep cleft- i guess. I have a big butt.
    • Uncleanliness- no i shower as often as i can.
    • Hereditary- my grandmother has one, she never had surgery or anything. But when i had my surgery she told me that she have had hers for about 40 years.
    • Had acne as a kid - no i think that i can count all the pimples ive had during my lifetime on one hand.
    • Overweight- yep.
    • Sitting for long periods of time- yeah due to work, 8 hours a day 6 days a week.
    • Other cyst on the body- I've had some on my inner thigh.
    • Repeated minor trauma on my tailbone- when i first started having pains and quickly realized that i had a Pilonidal cyst was when i started my work, i had to sit on terrible chairs all day long for 4 weeks. (I could barely sit down for 2 weeks).
    • Major trauma on my tailbone- not that i can remember.


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I had a deep sacral cleft, as did my father and he experienced the same issues, so I assume that is where it came from. I did have trauma on my tailbone about 6 years ago, but nothing developed until recently. And I am certainly a very clean person!


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I wonder if it has anything to do with hormones. I also suffer from ovarian cysts monthly sometimes twice a month. My pilonidal cyst is very tender at that time also. I had a surgery when I was 15 and now recently at the age of 37. In the last month I completely changed my diet to gluten free, dairy free, diabetic diet, caffeine free and less meat and added a few different supplements and minimal exercise. Only to see if I could relieve some of the issues with the (PCOS) meaning ovarian cysts and then the pilonidal cyst totally flared up but not a problem with the ovarian cyst yet this month which I thought was odd.


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Yup my husband has his own theories as well. He in fact lectured me before diagnosis and after. He believes it to be hygiene, not taking care of myself by way of yearly dr visits, and "sitting on my butt all day" which he firmly believes I do. Granted I sit around a lot, but when you have 4 kids and are constantly doing things for them and driving them everywhere, the amount of time I actually sit around is definitely not as much as

My own thoughts and theories are scattered. I read somewhere that hormonal imbalance can be a cause. I believe I've been going through menopause symptoms for past year or two. Been having all kinds of issues such as monthly migraines that come with my time of the month, fatigue, monthly chronic diharrea, dizziness, irregular periods, skin issues and many other symptoms. Possible it could be that?

Also have a theory that there may be a possibility of an autoimmune disorder or other medical condition. Like I mentioned above, have been having a slew of issues lately. In fact in the 2-3 weeks before my first broke out (which was this past week) I had an abscess on my back (same side - left right next to spine) which burst and drained in its own. There were a few times that the water that i was using to clean the infection dripped down my back into my butt crack. This was actually my first thought but my husband thinks that theory is ridiculous.

I think it's also possible I've had this for longer than I've even known. Years ago I felt a sensitive lump on my tailbone area but it disappeared after a few days.

As for weight, I've always been on the thin side.

Deep cleft - yes


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mine developed after a long car trip. i didnt change positions at all for something like 6 hours. It was sore and by the next day I had the cyst swelling and had to go to urgent care because i didn't know what the hell was going on and was in so much pain i was in tears.


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I am not hairy. I am not overweight. I have a big butt/deep natal cleft. I did a lot of floor ab workouts when I started getting minor flare ups. Went on the very sweaty two hour 13 mile bike ride one week before a really bad flare up/abscess came.


Im 44 years old man :( lol
good shape , healthy , active until this last Sep. I had 2 surgeries near the area
thinking that the trauma causes my pilo
due to over cleaning I developed a skin fungus in the area
hairy ___ yes
ingrown hair ___yes
good hygiene __ yes
stress fr work ____ like most people yes
I walk alot ____ yes
Actually still dont understand what exactly causes the pilo
to happened .


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Regarding hygiene... I think I'm relatively clean....
I told my surgeon I'm going to wash my natal cleft with clorhexadrine surgical wash once it's healed. ie) Replace the Phisohex antibacterial wash I've used for 15 years.
He said I can if I want to but there's no evidence and they don't even know if the bacterial infection begins on the outside.

He's not happy when he see's hair near pits or the wound... not happy AT ALL.

No-one tells me what to blame, unless they're having a joke. Personally I blame sitting down in a desk job for 20 years... when I sit... I can sit for 10 hours with no movement at all. As I'm getting older I can feel the lake of circulation when I stand up....


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I was just wondering how many of you have people in your life offer up reasons you got your cyst? My husband is convinced that it was caused by lack of hygiene, as in I don't wash my crack (which is crap). My mom is now convinced that it was caused by my new exercise routine and bending over lifting weights. No matter that I don't lift any heavier than 10 lbs. How about y'all?


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Yea, don't you just love the stupid theory's? NOT! Being a female makes it even worse, Pilonidal means " Hair or Hair Nest" so for a female to have this problem or disease, which mine became is very demeaning. I've read my eye balls off about this problem and it seems that people with a lot of course hair or bad hygiene can cause this but I can assure everyone I have peach fuzz and I am clean. If I had to guess why this happened to me especially since it showed up when I was 38 is my falling and injuring my tail bone, but that's just speculation. I have really long hair and the gross thing that I did read that I couldn't believe was that when your hair on your head and clothing material gets caught in your butt crack it can get rubbed into your skin say from running or from when I worked 12 hrs. Shifts as a server. The Surgeons had said there really wasent any debris in my cyst, so they need to change the name for us female sufferers. Last thing, I really felt a lot better and less alone when I found out just how many woman live with this, when I first started reading it sounded like a mans medical issue. Good luck. Nicole


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At 16 year old - For me my first cyst I believe was due to wearing tight underwear, thong, bikini etc. The fabric most likely rubbed the lower tailbone area against the tiny hair and prob had a hair go in. When my cyst burst on the toilet i saw hair pop out of the cyst.

At 27 years old - second time I believe was due to strenuous workouts and sweating.

2 months later - third time due to having sex on my back. Tailbone area rubs against fabric of bed causing friction and aggrivation. Sounds dumb but this was a period of time where I was watching my hygiene, sweat, workout, cleaning since I got it prior to that so it wasnt due to sweat rather friction of bed. Sounds weird but thats the most likely cause.

Most peoples case is 99% due to hair issue. Whether or not you are hairy doesnt matter. A small tiny hair can fall from your lower back or even your head and trickle down and get submerged in the cleft causing it to dig into the skin and boom you got a cyst.

Horrible disease I dont wish it upon my worst enemy.


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18-First got it before my graduation from high school,don't remember reason.
33-I bet i got it after i went hiking with a friend ,for which she drove in her tiny car over dirt road for 3-4 hours total.Experienced severe pain that night or a few nights after,once i got home and tried to sit on my couch .


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I was just wondering how many of you have people in your life offer up reasons you got your cyst? My husband is convinced that it was caused by lack of hygiene, as in I don't wash my crack (which is crap). My mom is now convinced that it was caused by my new exercise routine and bending over lifting weights. No matter that I don't lift any heavier than 10 lbs. How about y'all?
It can be caused my sweat working out or whatever its not bc of ur person hygene it can be but come on who dont wash the bootys? Ok but also can be ingrown can from poors n even caused by......yep heritary its also a bacteria that lives on ur skin we all have them its not as bad for some but for ppl like u n i smh its can be very painful....i cant wait til im healed itll be like a month or 2...but good luck n hope its not as bad as mines


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My flare ups always have happened when my period was about to start. From the very first one it came the day my cycle started. My GP and specialist said that wasn't a factor and I didn't know what I was talking about. But I wholeheartedly believe that there is a direct correlation between the two.