Time for me to give back: I may have cured my own self..


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First of all thanks for this forum where lot of people come together and help each other. I am very rare to be part of any forum, but I visited this forum a lot about 5 years back when got my pilonidal cyst. It lasted for about 3 years and now I am cured and without any sign of it for almost 2 years, left with just a scar mark though. I would give my healing process briefly. If any queries I can explain more. I had it for almost a year trying lot of medications before consulting a doctor, then I started with normal antibiotics when the doctor didn't diagnose it as pl almost for 3 months, it was there always no sign of cure and I was referred to a skin specialist and a surgeon who said it's pilonaidal cyst and I had to be operated, by then it was almost 6 months. When I had it for almost 2 years, I got admitted and had the open wound surgery and had the cyst of about 4 inch removed, biopsy done as well to rule out other possibilities. it recurred at the end of wound healing which was after 4 weeks of the surgery. Then I met the surgeon again, had it removed this time a very smaller one, I rode on my own to the hospital in bike, had the surgery and rode back in about 3 or 4 hours, just to let u all know that it's something you don't have to be afraid and face it straight. Then it recurred again, I lost belief in surgeries. Went on to alternate medicines, Indian Ayurveda. Was given lot of medicines that cleans blood and internal body more like detox. Pilonidal still stayed. Then I did more research on my own self, I normally have a heat body, this is not the temperature outside but internal. Typically body needs lot of cooling agent like water. I started cooling my body down. To bring out the heat, I started washing my eyes by dipping just my face into the normal water bowl or bucket and kept my eyes open for some seconds, till I could hold my breath. I repeated it twice or thrice and then had the body bath, this may cause you to urinate which is good. After doing this for about a week, I started feeling that the wound got closed, I was not relieved as I believed that it could be back anytime. But to my surprise, nope.. never came back. Then I kind of reasoned it, I had to keep my body cool and digestion system clean to the best extent possible which would keep any recurrence at bay. I stopped washing my eyes by dipping method a year ago. But I drink a lot of water and tender coconut to keep my body cool. I still continue to explore some of the Indian sidhdha or herbal medicines which clean the internal digestion system to a greater extent. So i am confident that my body is in my control and I will never have any recurrence. I hope this helps. if I started all that I tried I'll never be able to complete so much I have tried. But to my knowledge it's my body cooling technique and digestion system cleansing that has worked and is still keeping me good. Thanks dear all, wish you all good health and happy life ☺