Tiny Tiny PC/Bactrim

Hi everyone what a great website! I have read The Rules and The Doctor’s webpage, and am kind of terrified. Been dealing with mine about a year, but it’s so tiny even my husband with a flashlight and magnifying glass can’t see anything. The pain is intense and my GP gave me a round of Bactrim to see if that would help. I know it doesn’t make sense, but as long as I take two Bactrim a day the pain is manageable. When I run out I can barely sit down. We do not have good insurance and I’m scared to start getting into co-pays and deductibles when we can’t even SEE this thing. I also know long-term Bactrim use is not good but my doc seems willing to prescribe it as long as it helps. Any ideas for me? I’m in Nashville if anyone can recommend a doc. Thank you so much for any input.
It’s good that the antibiotics are helping your pain. I had a similar experience with antibiotics when I had a flare up. Unfortunately they do not cure the disease or prevent recurrence once you stop taking them. Long term use of Bactrim is also probably not a good idea. If you are experiencing that much pain (even though you cant see it), I would recommend you look into a procedure that will actually cure the problem and prevent recurrence altogether. I’m sorry you are dealing with this and I definitely understand how burdensome it can be financially.

I recommend this website for a lot of great information about treatment options!


This page of Frequently Asked Questions is also very helpful.


I had the cleft lift procedure by the doctor that wrote this site and have had AMAZING results after a failed surgery last year that left me with a recurrence and an open wound for 9 months. I traveled to Wisconsin to have it done and it was so worth it. People travel from all of the country to have it done.

My advice is to do as much research as you can and make sure you choose a surgeon that is extremely experienced in treating this disease as well as performing specialized procedures. Many people on this site have had great success with the cleft lift after struggling with the disease for years and going through many failed procedures and treatments. The surgery also has little complications or chance of recurrent disease. Unfortunately a lot of the other procedures have high rates of complications and don’t always end up curing the problem, but some people do have success with them. The site above has more in depth information about all of the procedures available and risks/benefits!

Feel free to message me if you ever have any questions. Good luck to you!

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Thank You Katie. Yes as I said I already read the doctors’ website and all of it’s good info. I was unable to find my particular situation re: the cyst being non-discernible and the Bactrim.
If anyone else has any input I’d be most grateful.

Thanks again Katie.