To everyone who get terrified when reading stories here!


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First of all, I'm Juan from Colombia, 19y/o male. I've had pilonidal cysts for 3 years now, and before I had like 1 flare-up per year, now, I've had 3 flare-ups in the course of 4 months. So, I decided to search for info online before going to my doctor (and, as I've learned here, I shouldn't go to the doctor being ignorant because doctors can be ignorant too) in order to gather info and decide which surgery I want. I was terrified with having an open wound, but after looking at the raw data and metanalysis, it's not so bad. My advice: Believe the statistics, if a surgery have a 1.3% of recurrence, those 2/100 people will come and post their unfortunate surgeries here (yes, it's bad luck if we omit another factors like wound-care, diseases, etc). For me, I'll try to go and tell the surgeon I want a Limberg Flap or a semiopen McFee excision... And if I'm lucky (I'm almost sure my doctor doesn't know this method), the cleft lift. This is the study:, it's from Feb-2018, so it's pretty recent. Put your anxiety and fears aside (like me), think rationally, look at the data, and go ahead and get a surgery (you're really unlucky if you fall into the 3.1% recurrence).

We all know pilonidal disease is like a hidden disease, because embarrassment and so one, but as one german's military study, from 2000 to 2009 it has increased from 29 per 100000 people to 49 per 100000 people.

So, TL/DR: Please, take an hour or less to read the article, and decide rationally.

Posting the article again:


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U are damn right.. Re ocurences are not common and very very rare with the offmidline techniques and limberlag flag.. Bcz these techniques flatten the natal cleft... No need to worry about