Travel after cleft lift - please help

Hi all, I am planning to have a cleft lift with Dr.Sternburg at SFO. I need to know how long I need to wait/rest to travel back.. Its a 4 hour flight.. For now I have decided to stay at SFO for three weeks and then travel back. Is that too long or too short ? Can anybody who has had the procedure help me out ? Thanks..


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Well, not all cases or doctors are the same. Speaking from my personal experience, I flew home after only 4 days and went back to work around 6 days. 3 weeks seems long, but I would just consult with your doctor to see what he thinks. It’s never a bad thing to be cautious though. Good luck
Thank you for the reply Jon. I am planning to stay for 10 days now. I have a four hour flight. The doctor told me he might not know how invasive the surgery might be until he takes a look inside. But I am hoping ten days should be fine to take a 4 hour flight back (fingers crossed). Scheduling the surgery around Aug last week. Hopefully all goes fine :-|