Turmeric has helped me

Turmeric has helped me. I had a closed excision surgery a little over 3 years ago. All was going well until about a year ago. I had a dreaded “pimple like” bump show up on one of my butt cheeks. That brought me back to how this whole thing started. How I thought I just had a pimple on my butt which turned into a fairly major surgery.
Not to drag this out, but I spoke with a friend of mine who is in internal medicine who had said that some internal infections are hard to treat topically, and even don’t respond well to heavy antibiotics. I personally learned this when prior to my surgery I had two different anti-biotic attempts to clear up my cyst. The first with Cipro (Ciprofloxacin), the second with both Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) & Flagyl (Metronidazole Oral). Neither worked. So, I looked at some alternate remedies.
I had tried an array of things in the past. Pills, cream, vegetables on it. Nothing worked. Now where I get to where I’ve meant to get to. I tried Turmeric in pill form. I’ve found that the following has been amazing to for me when boil like bumps show up on my butt cheeks.
2-3 days of 6 pills a day. 10 days following of 3 pills a day. That’s it. I’m going to see if staying on a low dose, about 1 pill a day, will completely prevent flares. I’ve done this 3 times, and within those 3 days the boil like lump has gone from unbearable, to barely noticeable. Then to gone by the end of the 2 weeks.
I’ve taken a few brands, Nature’s Valley, Solaray, and one other I can’t recall. The dosage on the pills was anywhere from 300 MG – 500 MG.
My brother apparently had a pilonidal as I was unsure to be honest and I didn't look at it however he did have pain and a spot as he called it in that area so god knows what it was, Anyhoo he put some turmeric on it a couple of times and it went what ever it was and has not returned since. So yes turmeric does help however he used a different method of using it.
Turmeric has great healing properties - but can other people come up with their experiences with respect to pilonidal sinus getting cured with turneric?
I had worst of pilonidal cyst occurring often last few years. Once it was so bad, there was lot of pus and blood that was drained.
But for past couple of years, I am able to keep this at bay but just nipping this in bud.
I know that pilonidal cyst is on its way, when I find a pimple like bump and itch. As soon as I realize this, I use turmeric powder to stop it from becoming worse.
The way I do is,
I take teaspoon of turmeric powder, put some water in it to make a paste and apply to the pimple (aka pilonidal cyst). I repeat this everyday morning and evening after shower till it disappears. Been keeping it from flaring up to full blown cyst with puss.
This really is been working for for me and I hope it helps others too.

Take Care.
This works wonders. I have had 3 in a 5 year period. My first was surgical removed and my 2nd I was pregnant so they lanced it. About 4 days ago the 3rd popped up with no warning and has been so painful. I looked up ways to help it and came across turmeric and witch hazel so I combined the 2 and made a paste. I have applied 2 times within a 4 hour period and the pain is going away. I am hoping it is gone tomorrow.